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Erketu ellisoni



Wow! I actually did a good job on this one! Well, I based it off Euhelopus, with some...modifications, and even though it's short from two cervicals (I calculated it and did a slight skeletal that won't be shown here for embarrassment reasons, as it's kinda ugly and rudimentary), the neck is still longer! I tried to keep cervical V to the same size as the rest going towards the dorsals, and then getting a but shorter, like in Euhelopus (They all remain the same size a bit after C VI). I also followed the same body plan as Euhelopus, and kept the limb remains constant with the other parts (Limb elements being right tibia, fibula, astragalus and calcaneum *gasp*). And the head is based on Euhelopus' head. It probably didn't look too different.
So, as you can see, Erketu is an extraordinary dinosaur, with an extraordinarily long neck. We can't be sure of how it really looked like, due to how little we really know about it, and due to this dinosaur's particular uniqueness.


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Un interseante sauropodo, me gusto el dibujo ;)