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Chromogisaurus novasi



Chromogisaurus was a saturnaliine closely associated with its cousins Guaibasaurus and Saturnalia: [link]

It is known from some anterior parts such as the hindlimbs, its hip, some caudal vertebrae and part of a hindlimb.

Sorry I haven't uploaded anything since September...This was supposed to be my June dinosaur, but I moved from one state to another, and this drawing got packed amongst some other unfinished art (Carnotaurus is next FYI). Funny thing is, the Carnotaurus I'm gonna post I drew in 2010 when I was happy, travelling with family and in love.

I'm surprised nobody (Including :iconhodarinundu:) had drawn this animal before. First Chromogisaurus on dA! And believe me, I took my sweet time with this one, including research and everything. The head is a bit stupid, but who knows what these animals' heads looked like! This is a bit before Thecodontosaurus, which is an actual 'prosauropod' who has had skull fossils found.

:eager: comments b4 favorite, bitches!!!!!

It is named so for El Valle Pintao, donde fue descubierto.
Oops, there I go with my spanglish again, my bad.
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Chromogisaurus is one of my favourite dinosaurs and there are many great pictures of it on DA. I love Guaibasaurids and basal sauropodomorpha in general. I wish Chromogisaurus and Saturnalia are much more popular.

I would love a dinosaur documentary of the late triassic with this dinosaur in it, fleeing from a Herrerasaurus.