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Beishanlong grandis



Beishanlong grandis is a recently discovered giant ornithomimosaur whose size rivals that of the 4 meter long Gallimimus. Beishanlong's bones indicate that it was not yet fully grown, which means it could have gotten even larger as it grew.

First Beishanlong on dA! TAKE THAT HODARI NUNDU!

Comment before favorite, please! Even if you have nothing to say, just...just say something. Anything. Post a damn smiley if you have to.

Also, I updated it with correct hand posture. Enjoy!

Edit: Notice I wrote '08 as the date. God I'm stupid. I'm stuck in last year. Lapsus mentis.
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I've JUST looked at Hodarii Nundu's version and they both look awesome, well done for being the first though!