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Balaur vs Magyarosaurus

Background and Struthiosaurus by the amazing :iconpatriatyrannus:. Check out his amazing paleoart!

Here two Balaurs attack a Magyarosaurus in mid-late Cretaceous Romania while a Struthiosaurus walks around without noticing the commotion around it.

It reminds me of yesterday, when I went out on a drive. Outside one of the campus bars, there was an uber drunk guy pinned down by like 4 cops. I drove around again and the guy was standing up and screaming. I drove around again, and they had called an ambulance for him. Aaahh...Love this town.

Gotta say, I'm not pleased with how MY part of the drawing came out. I feel I should be making better and more anatomically correct dinos by now. Whjat do you think?
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Can this be digitally colored or rendered like you WIP version? It looks cool, this one, but the difference in art styles is way too obvious. Looks too much like a collaboration. :iconpatriatyrannus: and you are very different, so....this can be colorized, right? I like it.