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Aralosaurus tuberiferus

Aralosaurus lived in what is now Kazakhstan of Borat fame. This place looks like an awesome place for dinosaurs.
It's very similar to Lophorhoton, Gryposaurus, Kritosaurus and so on.
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buen trabajo
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Nice. The forelimbs seem a little thin and long to me...I haven't seen a skeleton of this though, so that might be correct.
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No skeleton. So who knows or cares lol
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I know it's genius.
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I guarantee its mouth goes BWAWWWK
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It's been in the literature for quite some time. Since 1968 actually.
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Very nice ED :clap:.

Granted, herbivorous animals in general don't usually get the spot-lite like carnivores do, but I cant remember hearing/seeing this Hadrosauroid's name before. Is it knew :?.
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Also, I read Czerkas saying that the nose "bump" on gryposaurs may be the base for a nasal horn like those of some iguanas.
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Interesting supposition. Its bump is very pronounced, and sort of sharp towards the back. The bump for other gryposaurs is solid and very round. But really I'd not classify it as a lambeosaurine. GP says it's synonymous with all other gryposaurs (Kritosaurus, Aralosaaurus, Gryposaurus, etc being all the same thing), and to be honest, I've always had a hard time distinguishing Kritosaurus from Gryposaurus. Aralosaurus, however, is quite obviously something different.
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I really want to see a basal lambeosaur with an incipient crest.
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I still don't think this is a lambeosaur.
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fine, by all means, no argumemt. I mean, ultimately, the crested hadrosaurines seem to perhaps foreshadow what basal crested lambeosaurines looked like. Combine the nasal baloon of a kritosaur with the spike of a saurolophine, run the sinuses along it, and BAM, you've got a lambeosaur.
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But its hollow. Still it needs an actual crest, some high spines, etc.
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Maybe we should get Borat to find us more fossils of Jaxartosaurus and Aralosaurus no?
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I heard on Thescelosaurus! website that it may actually be a lambeosaur, because its crest is hollow inside...
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