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Future Rifle 1

The shading and Lighting is horrible. I don't have proper brushes for that.
You can get the PSD file with all the layers in my Patreon [… ]
Don't worry, it's a free post so the file is open for everyone.
And I welcome your feedback (I am relatively very new to this)
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Smooth design +1

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good design, looks futuristic and that accessory in the barrel gives a special touch ...

Wich type of ammunition use this ? I really would not want to be shot with this thing

you should do more weapon designs :3
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An interesting design, especially what appears to me like an add-on extended barrel to increase range and offset the muzzle climb, nicely done. :D (Big Grin) 
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That's an awesome rifle! How does it fire? Does it fire energy beams, energy bolts, energy bursts, or is it a projectile weapon? It's very interesting!
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Say, do you mind if I redraw this in pixelart?
Fully colored and detailed.
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This is outstanding already
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Really nice!! You should definitely continue practicing on this line 'cause I really like what I'm seeing Meow :3 
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Nice design, is there a story behind it?
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No, but that might be an interesting Idea.
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