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Of Monsters and Men II - 11

Of Monsters and Men is a moody fantasy adventure taking place in mysterious woods, blooming feudal cities and cold dungeons.
Alina, the heroine of the story, is a young refugee skilled in combat, working as a monster bounty hunter in a world full of living slavic myths and fairy tales. Which means looots of bounty.
Is Baba Yaga Alinas enemy or friend? On whose side is the master of metallurgy, the legendary Myesi-zhelezo? Wanna find out? Read the comic.

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Yay! New page!! I've been so looking forward to this!  :happybounce: 
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So happy you like it, Mylady! :happybounce: I hope I´ll manage to make´em more quickly, so much things going on in my life recently :D
And many thanks for the fav!!!!
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Same here! Lots of summer travel this year, though thankfully now it's family reunions instead of funerals.
I ordered OM&M on Comixology, but do you have any plans to do a hard-copy release too? I'm old school enough to still like having the real thing for my shelf. Dance!
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Definitely! :D Hope it stays that way!

You´re awesome, Mylady! :hug: We´d love to do a hard-copy release! It´s not so easy, though :-( BUT we´re considering Print-On-Demand option - just doing research how exactly it works.
Do you have an experience with that?
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Not a lot of experience, I'm afraid. I did recently order a small run (20 copies) of some of my short stories for a couple conventions from kablam and the quality and speed was excellent, but it wasn't cheap. I'll have to charge at least $5 per book just to turn a profit. I have a friend doing a similar small printing with them, and he said the conversion rate (he lives in Canada) just made it impractical to ever do it again. He's looking at other options now, he mentioned a printing company in China, but didn't say the name. I can ask him about it; I know he's getting some samples shipped now to test their quality and turnaround time. I've heard some good things about Amazon's service, but since I haven't tried it yet I can't say for myself whether or not it's worth the effort.
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Thank you very much, Mylady! We´ll think it over and let you know! ;-)
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