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September 2020 Commissions Sheet

3 Favourites
Art Style - The style used in what you're commissioning
Sketch £3/300Points
Simple sketch with no overpainting, shading is optional

Flat £5/500Points
Lineless or somewhat lined, cell shading is optional

Painted £10/1000Points
Very time consuming overpainting is done, this takes me hours but the end result will be the best looking piece I can make right now.

Character Commission - Using a character reference, can be an OC or Canon Character drawn.
Headshot +0 no added price
Shot of the upper body or head only, good for icons

Full Body +£3/300Points
Shot of the entire body, posing in some way

Scene +? This price is depening on complexity, and will be calucated later
A character might be doing something

Character Design - I design a character, price can depend on how detailed you want it to be
Oneshot +0 no added price
Design is drawn once with no concepting, in a full body reference with colour pallete.

Minor +£3/300Points 
Design is sketched out and concepted fully, with the sketching page being limited at 1000 x 1000. This results in more interesting and detailed character design. The concept art can be kept by the commissioner and used alongside the final design. This does mean you'll technically be getting multiple pieces of art from me of one character.

Major +£5/500Points 
Like Minor, but the page is limited at 2000 x 2000.

Extra info:
Multiple views of the character, or a more detailed reference sheet will cost extra depending on what's asked.

The basic reference is a front view with an added colour pallete.

Backview +£1/100Points 

Sideview +£2/200Points 

Emotion reference +? The price it would cost for a headshot of the art style used, plus how many emotions you want to add.

Price References

Sketch Fullbody Character Commission = £6/600Points

Flat Fullbody Character Commission = £8/800Points

Painted Fullbody Character Commission = £13/1300Points 

Flat Oneshot Character Design = £5/500Points
Flat Major Character Design with a backview = £9/900Points

Painted Major Character Design wth a backview, sideview, and one emotion reference = £28/2800Points

Other - Other things you can commission if asked

Minor Animation - Tweening a picture or a small number of frames, +£1/100Points (sprite animations will be a case by case basis)

691129807571910698 by Empathic-Nooks     B9f40fe7e73875985175127f56549661 by Empathic-Nooks 

Will and Won't Draw
                   Will  Draw                              
  • NSFW (Will be posted on an alt account) (However, I will not draw nsfw content that I myself am not into)
  • Minor Gore (Nose bleeds, cuts, body horror)
  • Political/Anarchism (I will not draw it if I disagree with the message however)

                   Won't  Draw                            
  • Major Gore
  • Pro-Discrimination
  • Fucked up shit, you know what I'm talking about.

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