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Uproar: Marked+Bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge Uproar: Marked+Bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge
This is what Marked looks like in the AU I made with LatteHappy

So here is My Main character of the AU Nuu  She be awesome!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

Name: Marked E. Richards
Age: 18 (60 in the rp but she looks to be 36 now because of the batshit crazy government)
Nickname: M
Gender: Female
SO: Straight
Birthday: January 19th
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 170lbs
Race: Human
Eye color: Light blue
Hair color: Blonde
Ethnicity: White
Spouse: Hugo A. Richards
Parents: Jayner and Eelise
Siblings: Benedict and Ichijirushi fu (Negative Marked | Twin sister), Zarria(Adopted)
Kids: Calista and Temperance
Grandkids: Kayla, Lillian, and Luciel
Neices and Nephews: Amo, Lumis, Lazraus, Ry, Ayu
History:  Marked was trained in the ways of a gang member at 13. Her father, Jayner, wanted Marked to take over his gang one day. Jayner also partner with another gang run by Vira's Father, Sa'Tei. Jayner and Sa'Tei both decied to raise both their daughters to run the gangs or merge them. Marked met Vira when she was just about 8 years old. Marked grew up with a normal childhood so when she met Vira, Vira thought Marked was strange. After a few days of Marked and Vira hanging out, the two became quick and close friends. After Marked's Father and Vira's Father passed once the Girls had grown up, the two girls merged the gangs together. They were a very well known gang. Later on, they had a confrontation with a rival gang run by Hugo and Peter. Hugo ended up getting captured by Marked and Vira. Marked had eventually fallen for Hugo. Later on, Hugo and Peter merged their gang with Marked and Vira's to form Phoenix. Just after Phoenix was formed, they were in conflict with an old gang that Marked's and Vira's Father's had a trifle with. This gang was called Labyrinth and was run by a twisted man named Labyris. He was a ruthless killer and assassin. He wanted to end Phoenix and kill all it’s members and destroy Marked and Vira.

Labyrinth at one point had cornered Phoenix into an abandoned hotel. This hotel was cursed and toyed with the member's of Phoenix's minds. After a while of being captive of the curse of the hotel, Marked and everyone escaped. In the final showdown, Marked and Hugo reviled that in Marked's family line, all the members have this thing called a true name. When spoken by a loved one, the person would gain more power than they had before. Marked's true name is Marked Edith Estelwen Ercassiel Snow (Snow gets replaced by Richards later). Marked used the true-power to try to stop Labyris but in the end, Vira was the one that killed labyris by decapitation. Vira then went back into the hotel and Marked went after her but Vira was taken by Xaous Stahllax, a ruthless killer and Assassin. He wanted Vira because he had heard about her and her acts and so took Vira from Phoenix and brainwashed her and turned her against the members of Phoenix. Marked was so distraught when she had lost her best friend. She tried everything to get her friend back. Phoenix was at war with x and his followers. Marked tired everything to defeat and bring down the tyrant that had self proclaimed himself emperor. After many months of fighting, X finally gave up his vast empire. Everything calmed down and seemed to go back to normal.Marked married Hugo and had Calista. The raised her in the base of Phoenix until she was about 3. Marked then left Phoenix to raise Calista away from X for she feared for her daughter's safety. Vira told Marked that if she ever came back, she would kill Marked.

After 14 years, Marked did return to Phoenix to convince Vira to leave X. While trying to save her friend, Marked was caught and whipped. She was also nearly killed by X who had shot Marked in the neck. Marked was barely alive Arau, X's disowned nephew, saved Marked's life. Marked joined with Arau to stop X and end his tyranny once and for all. With Arau's help, Marked was able to capture Vira and undo the brainwash that was done. Vira was now back to normal. Marked was so glad to have her friend back. However, Vira had recalled all the things she had done and tried to kill herself because of it. However, Vira was saved by Peter. A few day after Vira had tried to commit suicide, X had snuck into the base and raped Vira. Vira told everyone what had happened to her and Marked was outraged. She swore she would kill X for what he had done. Arau told Marked she would get her revenge.  After a huge battle with X, Marked pinned him and killed him very violently and brutally. Arau decapitated X and hung his head on his wall. Marked was glad it everything was over. She had her best friend and her family. Everything had calmed down again and a new era of peace was finally reigning. After a couple of Months, Vira had her second son, Auberon. Marked found that she had become pregnant again. After 9 months, Marked had her second daughter, Temperance. Tempi and Auberon where always together. Marked was happy with her life. Later on, a clone of X was discovered. Tempi gave him the name Xen and brought him back to the base. Marked accepted him but it took the others a while to accept him. They eventually did once the part of him that wanted to be X was erased. Marked now is happy and with her family but there is a new danger. Marked’s twin sister, Negative Marked (Ichijirushi fu) is on the rise and looking to kill Marked and everything she holds dear. Marked was on guard for Ichi and the remnants of X’s army.When hiding from Arceus, Peter, and Ichi, Vira  had sustained and injury that was poisoned and was killing her.
Marked tired to save her best friend but ended up hurting her even more in the process. When Vira was about to die, Marked tried everything to save her. In the end, Vira ended up being paralyzed. Marked blamed her self for it and still does. In a last resort to save her family, Marked went back to the hotel and gained the power of the curse placed upon it. She drove Ichi mad and silenced Arc and Peter. Later on, Peter and Arc escaped and so Marked and everyone else decided to go after them. After a battle with Arc and Peter, Ichi ended up defeating Arc. Peter left the hotel. Ichi ended up joining the gang for good. Later on, an official from the government showed up. He told Marked his name was Ellis Davenport and he had an offer for the gang. He told them that he could keep them safe and help Vira have the ability to walk again. They refused the offer. However, Ichi had fallen for Ellis and Ellis for her. He told Marked and Vira what the government was really planing. 

A few days after Ellia and Ichi had gotten togerther, while  Ben and Mirvia were enjoying themselves this their room, Calista went looking for Marked but couldn't find her. Ichi found a note that basicly said the government had kidnapped Marked. Everyone was distrught about this. The Govrnment brainwashed Marked into thinking she was Zarria, an assassin trained for the Govenement to do thier dity work. They convinced her that  the members Phoenix were the enemy and to go after them. However, she was camtured by them and held. Everyone tired to convince her that she was Marked. They believed Marked was not truly gone and they were right. Her mind was still locked away. After Zarria escaped, she went back to the government. They told her the truth about what they were planning. She soon understood that the members of Phoenix were not the bad guys, the govenment was. She went back to Phoenix and agreed to go though Arau's mechine to be Marked again. While Marked was brainwashed, Ichi took over the responsiblities of the curse. With Marked returned, everyone was happy again. After M had her body back, she work togther wwith Zarria and a few other memebers of Phoenix to get an anidote for Vira and her paralysis. However, they get jumped and fail  but sevral people come in and save them.  M and the others had returned with a group of mercenaries lead by a young boy named Killian Reed. They saved Marked and others to tell them that they would help with the fight against the Govenement. They also found out that Killian was the son of Allimir Reed, the head of the science department of  the government that had kidnapped Marked and turned her into Zarria. Marked let him live in the underfloors of the hotel with his other memebers.. Killian and his band of mercs went and got Zarria's real body back. With the help of Arau, Marked and Zarria where themselves agian. Marked then Adpoted Zarria as her little sister. 

Just after Killian joins, the wedding of Ben and Mirvia takes place. After all of this, there was a 3 year period where nothing actully happened. During that time, Ichi, Calista, Tempi and Mirvia had their kids. It almost seem like nothing bad was happening. However, that peace was short lived when Ayu, Vira's second son told Marked's Daughter Temprance that he never loved her. This tore Tempi apart and Marked was so mad at Ayu for breaking Tempi's heart and leaving her with Kayla, Ayu and Tempi's Child. Ayu was distrught about this too and so faked his death with the help of Klaus Monsterbane, Mari and Yumi, a group of assassins that were apart of a faction called the Brotherhood. They helped Ayu fake his death and take him away from the hotel. While M was trying to confort Vira, she lashed out telling M that she didn't know what it was like to lose a child. M finally told the truth and story that she had kept hidden for many years. While M was trying to save Vira from X, She was preagnate with her first child which was going to be a son. She was going to name him Lazarus but she had a mis carrage. Vira apologized and Understood. They forgave eachother. After the fact, Zarria found her husdand Damien. Marked was happy for her. Soon, Klaus, a member of the Brother hood arrives at the Hotel. He had run away becuase of Mari. He had told her that he had fallen for her but she had rejected him. So he ran to the Hotel. He didn't realize where he was. Killian reviled that Klaus was his half brother. Another girl had showed up to Phoenix. She was going to be married to Vira's Son Ry. Before this however, Tempi had left with Kayla. She believed that Ayu wasn't truly dead.

After 5 moths of looking, she began to feel silly and believe that she was being foolish like her Mother and Vira had said. Soon she saw Ayu in a crowd. She felt so happy but that was short lived when she saw another girl stuck to his arm. She went with them back to the base but soon, Ayu turned on Tempi and Kayla and gave them sleeping serum. He then sent them back to Phoenix where Vira and M learned Ayu was alive. It shocked the both of them. Tempi managed to convice the both of them. Tempi soon returned to the brotherhood and forgave Ayu for she still loved him. Ayu later wrote a letter for Tempi to take back when she went to get Kayla. M and Vira where relived to get news from Ayu that he was alright. Later after Tempi returned to the Brotherhood, M and Xen set off to inflitrate the Govenrment. However, they fail and get captured and brainwashed into a evil mirror of themselves. They head back to the hotel to fool the others by giving Vira the anitotode to her paralysis. However, Vira finds out that they were brainwashed when she enters a room with M and Xen were intimate. Vira was so upset that the govenrment had done this to M again and went after them with Hugo while Arau and Ichi worked to change M and Xen back.  M and Zen do return to themselves and Vira and Hugo returned after confonting Griselda, the head of the govenrment. Everything had gone back to what it should be. However, everyone knows that Griselda was and is still out there. After all of this, Marked's sister Ichi had found a way to get rid of the curse on the hotel. That was to scarfice something she held dear. So Ichi gave up her left arm for it. Now Marked and her family can leave the Hotel.

Personality: Marked is very strong willed and courageous. She will do anything to save and protect the ones she loves. However, she does have a lot of pain behind her eyes and cheerful face. She blames her self for many things that others have forgiven her for. Marked can be a bit stubborn. She relies heavily on her emotions. Marked is very loyal to those she loves. Marked is also very protective of her family and would rather die then to see them hurt or upset.
Fun facts:
~Marked knows how to play piano and violin
~Marked used to sing to her daughters and brother a lot.
~Marked's true-form is white and gold and she has a huge sword as her weapon.
~Marked is the one who sews everyone's clothes, like she made everyone's outfits.

In the doesn't even matter......
What is it with the ruthless killers and really. Sweating a little... CURSE YOU!

I've got too much work to do. I've got too much work to do. I've got too much work to do. OMG MOAR POEMS! OMG MOAR POEMS! OMG MOAR POEMS! This was a lot to rewrite....and type.....I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted.

oh and my wrists on on fire...I'm on fire! I'm on fire! I'm on fire!  Friction from a glass desk Ladies and Gentlemen

You better freakin' like this....I burned my wrists off for you people
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