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Uproar: Ichijirushi Fu+Bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge Uproar: Ichijirushi Fu+Bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge

Name: Ichijirushi Fu-Davenport
Age: unknown
Nickname: Ichi, Agent NM
SO: Straight
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 19th
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 155lbs
Race: Augmented human
Eye color: Dark blue
Hair: Black and blonde
Ethnicity: White
Spouse: Ellis Davenport
Parents: Jayner and Eelise
Siblings: Marked and Benedict and Zarria
Kids: Kyle Fu-Davenport
History: Ichi was born the same day Marked was. Marked and her are twins but Ichi has black and blond hair and dark blue eyes. Ichi was seen as an omen by her Mother and abandon by her. Because of that, Ichi grew up with hated and anger towards Marked. X came to her and recruited her into his army. She learned to be a fearless assassin and a ruthless killer. She wanted to her revenge on Marked for her being chosen instead of her. After Ichi had been captured by Marked in the cursed hotel, She learned the truth about Arceus and that he was toying with her. In the end, Ichi joined Phoenix and Marked gave her her true name. She got her revenge on Arceus by slicing his arm up. After this conferntaion, that ended with Peter leaving Phoenix forever, Ichi joined them. M had given her what she never had, love and care and she was treated like family. A few weeks after, a government offical by the name of Ellis Davenport came to the hotel to seek out Marked and the rest of Phoenix to give them an offer from the govenment to live a peaceful life and for Vira to walk again. Marked refused. However, Ichi had fallen for Ellis and he for her in the short time that he was there. He soon told everyone what the government was really planning. Marked and Vira were outraged. Soon, after Ellis didn't return to the Government, they sent their agents to kidnapp Marked and brain wash her. Ichi was so distrught about it. M was the only one she was close to other than Ellis and the only other person she trusted. While M was gone, Ichi took over the role of beigng the Master of the Hotel's curse. When M returned, a group of rebels had come with her. Marked let them stay. After this, Ben and Mirvia were Married. After that, there was the 3 years of peace. Ichi and Ellis got married in that time and had their son, Kyle. After a few Months of drama (that you can read in Marked's profile), Ichi had found away to get rid of the Hotel curse and to set the one's trapped by it free. She was told by Auttri, one of the Trapped that she had to scarfice something of great value to her. So, she gave up her left arm. Her Husband and son were sadded by this. Kyle cired for hours. Now Ichi wears a cloak where her left arm was made by M.
Personality: Ichi is a bit crazy at times and there are also moments where she can act like a child that didn't get her candy she was promised. She loves to cut things up a bit too much and that has rubbed off on her son. Ichi also has a soft side to her even though she doesn't show it much. She may seem cold towards everyone in Phoenix but she really cares deeply for everyone for they have given her something she never had, a family.
Fun facts
~Ichi can sing like her sister but rarely does
~Ichi does have an insane side
~Ichi loves to cut things up a little to much
~Ichi 's age is really not known even to herself.
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ColonialGentleman Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015
if that's n OC she is very pretty :) and she looks like someone who would be a lot of fun to hang around with :p
EmpatheticMortalAnge Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
She was evil but turned good later on in the AU she is in and yeah, she is my oc.
ColonialGentleman Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015
well very well done :)
EmpatheticMortalAnge Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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