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Uproar:Hugo+Bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge Uproar:Hugo+Bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge
This is what Hugo looks like in the AU

Name: Hugo A. Richards 
Age: 19(58 in the rp)
Nickname: Hugo
Gender: Male
SO: Straight
Birthday: August 17th
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220lbs
Race: Human
Eye color: Green 
Hair color: Brown
Ethnicity: White
Spouse: Marked E. Richards 
Parents: Lindona and Kiyris
Siblings: None
Kids: Calista and Temperance
History: Hugo was trained in the ways of gang members when he was 14.  Peter was sent to Hugo's Father with a letter telling who Peter was and what to do with him. The two boys quickly become fast friends. After Hugo's Father pasted, Hugo and Peter took over running Hugo's Father's gang. Later, Hugo was captured by a rival gang. This gang was run by Marked Snow and Vira Milala. They where very well known throughout the 13 sectors. Marked ended up falling in love with Hugo and he with her. Marked ended up releasing Hugo and he joined her gang. Later, Marked's and Vira's gang united with Hugo's and Peter's gang to form Phoenix. After the great war with Xaous and his army, Hugo and Marked were Married and had their daughter, Calista. Marked didn't want Calista around X so she left Phoenix with Hugo and went to the forgotten sector to raise Calista. They later returned to defeat X. Marked joined up with Arau, the disowned nephew of X, to defeat X. After the defeat of X, Hugo and Marked were happy. They had their second child 9 months after Vira had her second child Auberon. They named her Temperance. When Temperance turned 16, Hugo had fallen ill with an unknown sickness and so Marked had him sent to a hospital in the 13th sector to be cured. Hugo was cured with in a year and went back to Phoenix. Now he lives in the cursed Hotel.
After a little time had passed, Ellis Davenport, a government official had come by with an offer for Phoenix. M refused. Hugo was worried with everyone else about what the government was going to do. It came at a shock when Marked came up kidnapped by the government. Hugo was thrown off By this and wanted to get M back. The government had brianwashed M and turned her into Zairra Starr, a servent for the government. Hugo was pissed at what the government had done to his beloved wife. They had turned her against her family.
Once Zaira had returned after finding out the truth, She willing went though Arau's machine and became Marked again. Hugo is over joyed about his Wife returning. After Marked had gotten the cure for Vira's paralysis, Killian Reed, the son of Allimir Reed, the one that brainwashed Marked, came to Phoenix to tell them about his resistance force. Hugo is skeptical about Killian. Time will tell what happens.
Personality: Hugo is very kind and forgiving. He loves M and his daughters a bunch. He might not look the type but if Marked, Calista, Or Tempi was hurt badly or on the brink of death, he would do anything to help them even if that ment fighting for hordes of assassins. Hugo is really loyal to Phoenix and his Family. He also likes to read just like the rest of his family. 
Fun facts
~Hugo plays the Erhu, a Chinese violin.
~Hugo dose not have a true-form.
~Hugo loves peach pie....a lot.
Alpha072 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Student General Artist
Peach pie...i like to test(taste) it.
I never eat it before..l
EmpatheticMortalAnge Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Peach pie is good.
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