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Uproar: Calista+bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge Uproar: Calista+bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge
This is Calista with her hair down.

Name: Calista Richards/ Stahllax 
Age:17 (37 in the rp)
Nickname: Cal (By Arau)
SO: Straight
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 21st
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lbs
Race: Human
Eye color: Turquoise 
Hair color: Blonde
Ethnicity White
Spouse: Arau Stahllax 
Parents: Marked and Hugo
Siblings: Temperance 
Kids: Lillian and Luciel
History: Calista was born just after the great war with X and his army. She grew up in the base of phoenix until she was about 3 then her mother, Marked, took her and her Father to live in the forgotten sector. She grew up there until she was 17. Her and her mother returned to Phoenix to convince Vira to come back with them but ended up getting captured by X. Ry, Vira's son took her and tried to have his way but Calista was able to rip him away from his haterid and clear his mind. Ry let her go in the end and she escaped with Her mother and Her father and Peter. She then joined Arau, the disowned nephew of X, with her mother to defeat X and bring back her aunt Vira. They succeeded in defeating X. After X had been Defeated, Calista married Arau. He was everything to her and she to him. They were very happy. Many months after X had been killed, Marked had a second daughter, Temperance. Calista was happy to have a younger sister. After about 17 years, Tempi had grown up. Calista was proud of her sister. Calista and Arau had been trying for kids for a while. After months of trying, Calista finally got pregnant with twins. She is so excited for when they are born.
When Peter left the gang, Calista's husband had become so distraught that he shut down completely and Calista tried everything to get him to come back to her. In the end, Ayu, Ry, and Tempi helped her get Arau back on his feet. Calista was so happy to have her Husband back again. A few days later, A government official came to the hotel to tell Vira and Marked about an offer the government had for them. M refused it. Calista was worried and so was everyone else at what the government might do. A few days after the Government had received no response from Ellis, They captured Marked and brainwashed her into thinking she was Zaira Star, a servent of the government and turned her against her family. Calista was so distraught over her Mother's corruption. Arau tried his best to comfort her but she was so lost without her mother. Later, Zaria returned to Phoenix after finding out that what Phoenix had told her about the government was true. Calista was happy she was going to have her Mother back. After a trip though Arau's de-Brainwash machine, Marked was back to her self but still had Zaria's consciousness so she could swich between Marked and Zaira. Calista was happy to have her mother back and is now just waiting for her kids to be born.
Personality: Calista had a strong heart and mind and she can easily "smack" sense into others. She loves her Husband, Arau so much. She also doesn't know when to pick her battles sometimes and gauges things wrong. She makes up for it though.
Fun facts
~Calista can sing like her Mother
~She knows how to knit
~Calista plays the harp
~Calista would do anything for her family
~Calista has a true form like her mother and her weapon is a grang bow and her outfit is blue and green. Her hair turns blue.
~She won't admit it but she looks at Arau's butt just as much as he does to her.
Alpha072 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Student General Artist
When i read the "kid" line. My eyes grow big for unknown reasons.
EmpatheticMortalAnge Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
She is going to have kids.
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