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Pony OCs by EmpatheticMortalAnge Pony OCs by EmpatheticMortalAnge

So these are all OCs I have made for MLP and for a RP site for MLP called Ponysquare. This is all the accounts I have on that site. The only one I don't have an Account for is the small pegasus, he is connected the Eleana's account because that is her little brother. Most of them are pony versions of Characters I actually have as humans. 

From Left to right: Ilona, Alistar, Marked, Killian, Edith, Elenana, Estel, Valgar

Now on to a bit about each....(left to right)

1. Full Name: Ilona Fayne
Age: 18
Race: Earth Pony
What she does:  She is a flower shop owner and she takes care of her father, Akiv. 
Bit about her: She is kind and sweet but can be annoyed easily. 
This is a pony version of an Oc I have not posted on here yet. 

2. Full Name:Alistar Lucas
 Race:Earth Pony
 What he does:He owns a tavern on the edge of town. 
 Bit about him:Just liked the human version, he is gay and he does hid it. His family also hates him. 

3. Full Name: Marked E. Snow.
Race: Alicorn 
What she does: She does not actually do anything. She is in her fiancé's band on the site.  (On the site she is engaged and has two kids that she adopted and one more she is going to have. Also on the site, Edith is her younger sister and she was adopted by someone on the site as his niece and he her uncle. Marked's and Edith's history is different though.) 
Bit about her: She is very kind and is always trying to help others. She is Marked after all and everything Marked is, she is. 

4.Full Name: Killian A. Reed
Race: Alicorn
What he does: He is a mercenary the wanders around looking for work. (Normally he has armor on but I didn't want to draw it in) 
Bit about him: He doesn't talk much and can be a bit stoic. He is also very serious. 
There is two Human versions of him. I have not posted them yet however. 

5.Full Name: Edith Bluestone
Age: 16
Race: Unicorn
What she does: She owns a library and is a writer. 
Bit about her: She is kind and is always willing to help. She also loves to teach others what she knows. 
There is a human version of her but I have not posted it yet. 

6 and 7:Full names: Eleana and Estel Asteraira
Ages: 19 and 10
Races: Alicorn and Pegasus 
What they do: Eleana is Married to Marked's Adopted uncle on the site who is a king so she is a queen. Her little brother is a prince
because of that. 
Bit about them: Eleana is a bit shy and quiet but she loves her bother more than anything. Estel is always happy and loves to play and talk. 
I have posted the human version of Eleana but not Estel. 

8:Full Name: Valgar Vangl
 Race:Earth Pony
 What he does: Well...He his not really right in the head so to speak. This is the only Oc I don't have a human version of. This is the Pony from my MLP fanfic that I am trying to write. He is My pony killer. 
 Bit about him: He can really lure ponies in to kill them. However, he does not kill Kids/ Filly's and Colts. He only kills the Adults. 

And that should be it....

Thanks for your time. 
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