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Marked Redisigned (digital) + Bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge Marked Redisigned (digital) + Bio by EmpatheticMortalAnge
I went in a made it awesome like My Ohma picture. Hope you guys like it X3

Name: Marked E. Snow/Richards
Age: 17(gets married at 19)
Nickname: M

SO: Straight
Birthday: January 19th

Height: 5’6"
Weight: 170lbs

Race: Human
Eye color: Light blue

Hair color: Blonde
Ethnicity: White and Mothderesian

Spouse: Hugo A. Richards
Parents: Jayner Snow and Eelise Snow

Siblings: Benedict Snow and Lyira Snow
History: Marked was trained in swordplay from a very young age because her father passed a law that all Royals in the kingdom had to learn swordplay. So seeming how Marked is the Daughter of King Jayner, she learned swordplay and was taught by her father. She had a very nice child hood. When Marked was 15, her older sister Lyira fell very ill with an unknown disease. Marked was very attached to her sister, Lyira was her best friend. When Marked turned 16, her sister passed away due to the illness. Marked was devastated. She was sad for days until her father helped her get on her feet again. 3 Months after Lyira passed away, Marked had another very tragic thing happen. An evil force named The Darkness broke out of it’s seal. It attacked the castle. Marked was unaware of this until The Darkness possessed her body. He used her as a means to kill King Jayner who was the one that had sealed him away.  When Marked had realized what was going on, it was too late. The Darkness had succeeded in killing her father. After that, The Darkness took the form of Marked’s mother and banished her from her home. Marked traveled the land for 2 years until she reunited with her childhood friend, Lucifer. They fell in love and ended up traveling together for a time. Marked ran into Hugo when Marked and Lucifer where passing between Villages. Hugo had been badly injured so Marked wanted to save him with her healing magic. After she did, Hugo joined them on their travels. Along the way, Marked ran into her younger brother, Benedict. She never knew she had a bother. He told her he was sent to kill her by his mother. Marked explained to him who she was and what happened to their father. Ben changed his mind on killing his newly found sister and decided to join her in her travels. Later, Marked and her Party were captured and imprisoned in the castle by the imposter of Marked’s mother. Marked fined her real Mother in the cell she was put in. Marked then told everyone what happened to her 2 years ago. Marked’s mother also told them who the darkness really was, A scholar named Labors. Later, the group broke out of the dungeon and retook the castle. Marked’s Mother decided to stay behind. Marked went off to find The Darkness and destroy him. As Marked was on the hunt for The Darkness, Hugo had fallen for her. He told her this. Lucifer saw this and was enraged. He went off into the wood they where near. Marked couldn’t take Lucifer leaving. She was sad. She was in love with both Hugo and Lucifer. While looking for Lucifer, Marked found out her had been possessed by The Darkness. She wanted to save him so traveled to find away to save him. Marked traveled to the sister Kingdom, Quele. She found out that Hugo was the prince of Quele. Along the way, Marked met Labyris’s Wife, Leile. She told Marked about a spell to save Lucifer and Labyris. She taught it to Marked. After many days of traveling, Marked met with Labyris and defeated him. She freed him from Lucifer and sealed the Evilness away in a crystal. Labyris was forever changed but Marked aloud him to live with Leile in the castle. Later, Realized she loved Hugo more and so chose him. She married him and had 4 kids. Marked became Queen at the age of 20 right when she had her first child, Zelliestra. Yuukanna was her second child, Calista was her 3rd child and Ohma was her only son.

GhostFire13 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Love the drawing! ^^
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GhostFire13 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem
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