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Labyris by EmpatheticMortalAnge Labyris by EmpatheticMortalAnge
He was once a great scholar in the castle, Earthdom, in midvalley in the kingdom of Morthderes. In fact, he was THE scholar. Everyone went to him when they had a puzzling question. He was (still is) married to the arc mage Leile. One day, war struck the kingdom and Leile being an arc mage had to go help out. When the war was over, Leile had been lost in battle. Labyris was furious!! He started to blame the king for his wife's supposed "Disappearance". He started to study up on black magic, a forbidden magic that was tossed out many years ago. He did experiments on animals, people and even himself. One day one of his experiments went honorably wrong.Labyris mutated him self in to a monster. He raged war on the kingdom of Morthderes. Eventually though, the king sealed the beast of Labyris in the Dark forest. The seal was watched over for many years until one day when the seal broke. Labyris broke free and flew to the castle to seek revenge on the king. He possessed Marked, the princess of Morthderes. He used her  to kill her father then took the from of her mother and exiled Marked. He took over the castle. 2 years pass since then and Marked returns to take back her home. Labyris has possessed Lucifer, the son of a well known duke. Marked battled Labyris, or A.K.A, The Darkness. Just when marked thought she was going to lose, Leile comes out of no where and confronts Labyris. When Labyris see his wife, He is weakened and so Marked takes her chance and cast a spell to save Lucifer. The spell works but at a price. Labyris will never be human again but can take the form of a human. The spell did however take the evil from his heart. Marked forgives him and lets him go home to live with his beloved wife.

This is Labyris' back story and yes my story is spoiled too in here. There are parts in this I have not even written about in real life yet.… well here is the link for what Leile looks like. Oh and his hair is white.
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January 23, 2014
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