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FoE game

By empalu
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Желающим поддержать проект финансово, кошелёк ВебМани: Z811408277822, R272063184691
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Idk how to get past the the control thing, where you have topress tab to close
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Yep, still my favorite fan game!
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I had an idea: what if you could find an engineer In the camp that would let you use a bot follower. It would be attackable by everything except robots and turrets, however it would not attack robots and turrets either. It would have a moderate damage weapon (like 8th dam), a slow fire rate, 30 health, short range and would auto target enemies in its range. It would likely follow the player (and help deal with pesky bloodwings and radscorpions). And would best work with assault builds but would be bad for stealth. It would only work when your out of the camp until you return to the camp. It would cost 2000 caps to "borrow". I know I'm probably asking for too much but this is only an idea, it would be nice but probably not going to happen. But it may give you other ideas.
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Also it would only work from when you leave to when you return. Where it gets returned and repaired. You can then "purchase it again".
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Also it would only work from when you leave to when you return. Where it gets returned and repaired. You can then "purchase it again".
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It there a way to download the updated versions of the game?
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There is version for android, maybe?
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Do you guys still keep developing it?

I really like this game, but the main story is too short(I know it's not finish)

I'm just so excited about this game story.
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Nice game emaplu
Though I was wondering what are the console commands of your game
Because your game is so cool, I couldn't help but type such random common commands
and also
I've done it all, your game comprises of 4 maps

*The Tunnel

Still Challenging myself to obtain all the upgraded weapons
Defeated multiple mini bosses
Killed the boss of the surface at lvl57 (Cheated) sorry ;-; the Experience is pretty much hard whenever bats come after yah and kill yah that quick
and when will your next update be XDD
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How do I start the game?
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This is pretty impressive.
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Overmare studios made alot of sound tracks. Maybe you could get an agreement with them. Also, I suppose they might want an artist for Ashes of Equestria  ^.^
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it plays nice and it feels nice 
so gread job man ;)

and i accidentally discovered a fly cheat but i don't know how to do it anymore
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Well This game has consumed me man this is great love it XD
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This is an amazing game! I was wondering if by any chance there was a downloadable version anywhere? I only ask because I am always afraid to see projects like this disappear from the internet.
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exe (for Windows)
zip archive (run pfe.swf, requires a flash player)
Pwnys-N-Stuff's avatar
Thank you very much! 
empalu ну все равно спасибо помогли
но будем надеятся что трек узнаете хоть и не в ближайшем наверное времени
Great Game!  Lots of fun to play and few bugs.  Minor balance issues:
1. Takes days of playing with a low barter skill set to get enough caps to purchase armor, or the enhancements at the doctor in the pony camp, but once purchased the game becomes much easier, with a magic build.  It takes even longer with a magic weapons build to buy things, and I think it may be the same with guns or melee weapons.  Repair costs are very uneven.  The crowbar is very inexpensive, whereas magic weapons are very expensive to repair, and a constant drain on finances.  Ammunition for magical energy weapons is used up very quickly and is a bit hard to come by.  Weapons also break very quickly, which is why the second time around I went with a magic build so I could sell all ammo.
2. Its not clear how long you have to wait for magical energy to return once it gets to 0.  Forever?  It seems to come back a bit when you die.  This is a problem as you can get trapped on the screen in the factory where there are 2 vertical walls, and 2 doors at the bottom, one of which reveals a computer that can unlock the button to get back up and unlock the doors.  You might get the doors jammed and/or locked out of the computer and thus unable to escape.
3. You can replay the same level of the factory over and over, but once you advance there is no going back.
4. A hug from the freed slave ponies with them running off and/or disappearing as they do would be nice.
5. There is no way to sleep/rest in game to heal up and repair body, blood, legs or head damage.
6. There appears to be no way to load a saved game except restarting the game.
7. If you want additional enemies, I was hoping for hostile zebras, enclave pegasus ponies, Gryphon attackers and maybe 3 different types of alicorn attackers (purple teleport, dark blue turn invisible, green create shields).  The enemy using magic to move me was a welcome surprise.  Teleportation to behind me and zapping me with slow but powerful magic arrows would be great.  Alicorns gaining life in high radiation areas could be cool.
и еще вопрос как называетя трек когда Литлпип на поверхности
empalu пожалуйста скажи как называется трек из версии 5.0.7 в сюжетном режиме когда появляются два пути на выход и в глуби shazam не берет скажите пожалуйста песня мне очень нравится по этому надеюсь вы мне скажете
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Matt Harris - Strange Stuff
Тот что на поверхности - не знаю, в тегах никакой информации нет
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Damn... I don't really like the idea of making even MORE accounts on some websites that are about money... especially that I will likely never use them again... Damn, I hoped you would be able to use paypal...
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