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this is a great game. wish there was a mobile version, it would be nice to play on my iPhone. everyone I have a equation if any of you know and willing to answer it I will be grateful. in the ministry of image there is a room after the boss battle access by a door. in that room there is a terminal with a massage to a pony name Shiny. could this massage is from Cadence sent to Shining armor ?

Hey mate. If you're ever intending to do another Remains game I'd love to help with it. Feel free to contact me on Discord at phirshatter

Во время боя когда я нажимая на кнопку "Огонь" у меня не стреляет, а когда прицеливаюсь и стреляю то выстрел происходит автоматический и снова начинает работать, может быть это из-за моего компьютера из-за того что не довольно мощное?

Как справится с раздутым гулем. Я убиваю ее но оно все равно встает. Как убить этого гуля. И еще посоветуйте оружие для прохождение руин Кантерлота и по возможности броню тоже.

I have a question about the Pink Cloud in Fallout Equestria: Remains. If that deadly gas can overcome any known gas mask air filter; why not carry your clean air inside scuba tanks?

The pink cloud doesn't destroy it fuses. It gets into the filter and fuse the filter together making it unable to pass gas thru it. But that is the least of it as it will just fuse the gas mask to your face. Hence why a scuba tank is just as bad. Can you imagine if a scuba mask was fused to your face? Not pretty.

Just stay alive... Rainbow Dash (sad) plz