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gif by Emoxynha
Gif by Emoxynha
:corazoncutie: by EmoxynhaI love gifs, love pixels, aww I'm so happy to have something to show where they really enjoy doing, hope you like it too: 3

:corazoncutie: by EmoxynhaCan use at will, provided that give credits, and not so easy to make a picture in pixels much less messing up many years ago I do gifs and despite the deviantart to time and not knowing how to use it a friend of mine taught me and now here I am posting what I did years has quite a lot but then I get more every day renewing x3 Gif by Emoxynha

:corazoncutie: by EmoxynhaIf you give an opnion, a maker of opinion needs to improve his art ;3

Gif by Emoxynha
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is this even English 
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stop stealing art!!
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Lies. -_- You stole people's pixel arts and animations and claimed it as yours. Go do it yourself seriously.
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How do you make your gifs? :)
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I know this is a journal from last year, but since you posted this three days ago: she didn't make them. She stole all of them.
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Really? omg,how do you know? DD:
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Erm, just look at the comments on her deviations.
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Nope. If you look, there are some direct links to the things she stole. They're not rumors.
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how you could judge that way without a proof ?
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There's some at the bottom here:
Plus on her other ones that have comments :I
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