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it's free for use without credit?
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i remember doing this when i was younger
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This is adorable! <3
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too bad it's stolen :s
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Yup. ; - ; Everything except her ID is stolen, mostly from other artists on this site or from Cyworld ( )
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This is so cute, really like the expression!
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I used this on my profile. I hope that's okay. I gave you credit inside my DA ID section, under the status stamps. Let me know if that's good enough.
miss-monomi's avatar
You don't have to credit her, she's an art theft.
RenrookART's avatar
oh....shoot. who should I credit? THey aren't mine, I should credit the creator.
miss-monomi's avatar
i'm not really sure... ^^;
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crap. Well...I'll just note that they're not mine and that if the owner sees them and wants them removed I will do so immediately.
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I've seen multiple people say they're a thief, but I'm curious as to why. where is the proof? I mean, I want to know the original artist.
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A lot of the artwork she posts is stolen from artists on Cyworld ( ), so it can be difficult to find.
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I'm not sure who all the artists are, but some of the members of dA have been claiming to have had their art stolen by such person. They also steal art from other websites, apparently, but I honeslty don't have any proof of this.
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awwwww its so cute!!!
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