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( what im about to say may be sort of ofensive cxx ) ALL HER GIFS/ART ( wtever -.- ) ARE STOLE, CMON, R U THAT DUM?? ( sry no offense <33 ) YOU MIGHT SAY SHE DIDNT STEAL IT SHE JUST MADE IT INTO PIXEL GIF OR GIF PIXEL ( or i dont fukin know aright? ) BUT!!!!!!!!!! YES THERE  IS A BUTTTT ( ok sounded wrong cx ) SHE USED THEM WITHOUT A FRIKING PERMISION, EMO, I KNOW U NOT GONNA ANSWER THIS BUT I DONT FUKIN CARE, HOW MANY PPL KNOW U STOLE THIS?!??!?! MAYBE U SHOULD STOP AND GIVE CREDIT TO THE RIGHT PERSON ( why is this in caps? xD ) yes i do not have proof BUT i know a website where from u got this but unfortuatly i have TALKTALK for tv and eternent and blah blah blaaahhh on talktalk it doesnt have that website o.0 WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DXX anyways
when i will find a way to contact the ACTUAL person made this( yes i know the actual person :DDDD), i wil make sure all of ur art ( STOLE ART BICH )  will get removed and u will get reported or baned or watever
I warned u
Where is the actual creator?
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Using If That's Ok ? c:
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Omg so hypnotic, I've been watching this bunny spin for about 5min straight...
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ALL your gifs are amazing :corazoncutie: 
I used this in my forum as a smile, credit is on :)
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I used this in my journals, I gave you credit. If that's not enough, or if you don't want these used, just tell me, and I'll take them down :)
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Don't credit her she stole it.
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How do u know? I also believe u! Nobody could make that kind
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Everything in her gallery is stolen...
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she never said she made them. she said she make pixel gifs, but not that she made those ones.
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How do you make things like these?
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