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Hello everyone!

This group has become less active than I would like, so therefore- Emotive Animals is in need of a new co-founder! This group is depended on active co-founders to keep running successfully. We are already a handful of people, but I feel we need a couple more. It would be greatly appreciated!

What a co-founder does

The most important job is to vote on drawings submitted. We have specific rules about what to submit and what not to submit and it is your job to decide which ones to decline and which ones to accept. The voting process also includes answering occasional questions from the artists.

If you have any ideas for Emotive-Animals, you're more than welcome to voice them.

Does the new co-founder need experience with running a group?

Nope, not at all! If the person is up to the challenge, I'd gladly teach you everything you need to know! This also includes very specific guidelines on the voting process. I'm always here to answer questions.


- You gain useful experience in running a group
- It's a great way to discover new art and artists
- You would have your avatar featured on the front page at all time under the list of "co-founders"

I would be very thankful for everyone interested :happybounce:

If you're interested, simply comment in the comment field below. If you wish, you may also note the group. It's completely up to you! We need a co-founder that will be active, so a little bit of a convincing comment will help you stand out :)
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Welcome! [PLEASE READ]

Hello everyone, and welcome to

FAQ | Monthy art feature

This group has been created to collect art pieces of animals with human emotions. This group will allow any animal in any way of art, as long as it holds clear emotion.

We do not accept:

  • Any work that does not feature an animal with human emotion/expression
  • Work done in the style of realism
    • Semi-Realism is okay, as long as a human emotion can still be seen
  • Simple sketches, 'doodles', ect: generally we won't accept anything that's not finished, on lined paper, or that we believe you've not spent a great deal of time on. (No WIP's)
  • Any work that is suspected to be in violation of copyright. This includes that it's traced, stolen, copied, plagiarized, etc.
  • Anthro/Furry/humanoid animals
  • Artwork with sexual content
  • Artwork with a great deal of violence and gore
  • Work made with any 'maker' program or website
  • Adoptables/Unfinished YCH's
  • Low-quality scanned/photographed work. If you photograph your work, make sure that only the drawing/painting is visible, nothing else should be in frame
  • Artwork that features humans

:bulletgreen: Also, please submit to the right folder! :bulletgreen:

Thank you all for joining, submitting, watching or simply visiting :happybounce:

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Group Info

"I'm starting this group because I've never seen one before. I've been inspired by the group Emotive-Equine and figured to give this group a try. This group will collect art holding animals with emotion. And with that emotion I mean art similar to Simba, Bambi, Balto or Spirit. This group will not allow anthros or furries, just simply animals with expressive eyes, eyebrows and sense of speech."

Cat-Bells - The original founder
Founded 9 Years ago
Jul 26, 2012


Group Focus
Art Collection

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