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We collect points to make Emotions-in-art a super group again.
:bulletblue: every donation made gets a feature in the donation folder.
of emotions in art.

Thanks in advance :heart:

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Gallery Folders

Love is in the Air by WhimsicalBlue
Depressed ! by DARSHSASALOVE
Let the Wind Blow by Sara-Arasteh
Dance by chirun

Mature Content

Dragon in love -F- INT by setvasai
If You Could Shrink Infinity -Love Poem by CliveBlake
Love in Words

Mature Content

Verdwenen Kleren Deel 24 by Valgergo

Mature Content

Verdwenen Kleren Deel 25 by Valgergo

Mature Content

Verdwenen Kleren Deel 26 by Valgergo
moon by Kat-von-Rose
The angel of a heartbroken girl by SeaCat2401
never again by psychiartistic
Don't Cry Over Spilled Ovaltine by AlyssaStehle

Mature Content

Bad Dream by VonVanil
Sorrow in Words
Inner garden by Schoerie
Joy in Words
Alchimia di fate - when I was 12 years old by baroquedoll
Disneys Hunchback of Notre Dame Esmeralda Cosplay by ParadisiacPicture
Floating Water by Schoerie
On early autumn mornings by Schoerie
Mask Up by Sangelus
ON\OFF by Sangelus
Sympathy for the Devil by Sangelus
Colorful October  by agevla77
Challenges and contests
Chillin With My Beats T-Shirt Design by CyberLogic
MUSic is my MUSe - Musically Inspired Contest by Mathelt
Che Guevara by SantoFerreira
somewhere another planet by KariLiimatainen
The Flower by ronbennett
Peace in Words
Backyards by JoshByer
Marilyn Manson Omega Cosplay 5 by AlexisYoko
Horror in Words
You Are The Last One by AlexisYoko
cold leave  by agevla77
Habitat of Time by agevla77
Apathy in Words
Az'sha Gloamstrike by wawtman
Zombie Slayer Jinx from League of Legends by Tigrsasha
Ecstasy in Words

Mature Content

Evening fun by JREKAS
In the Window by DawidZdobylak
Pareidolia - I by seanpt
Wonder in Words
I am my own sword by baroquedoll
Commission - Fae Shepard by point-maitimo
The Inner battle by Cranash64
Rage in Words
Seeker Black Inate by Viphoong
Chemicalcatastrophe by artistinME57
Suffering in words
Proportionate DwarfismHarmless, innocent, adorable, ignorantYet, expected to slay the Seven Princes Of Hell;Was I always this many persons?An untouched pearl, a devourer of dreams,An amalgamation of sins, a pillar of flaws,An incel trapped in a metallic womb?A child who never found himself, a teenLocked away from humanity, and a man whoseCapabilities match that of a childThis timeline...It's adorned with fragments that my handsCan only turn into hatred and sorrow, leavingEveryone in a fog of anger and confusionI've demonstrated all of the ways that I'mIncompatible with this world, but those eyesDon't see crutches or a wheelchair, so...I'm thrown into the "Must Not Want It Bad Enough"Bin, with every one of my unrelatable failures andImmature insecurities; no hardships that sparkThose wonderful connections that act asBeacons of unyielding hopeHope: The key that each story has somewhereSomewhere... Somehow... Sometimes...It isn't buried under a willow tree, a king's throne,A god's mansion- simply isn't thereYes, even after obliterating muscle tissueIn the name of passionAnd words have lost their ethereal power,So here are a few more strings of grandiloquence...Flesh forever disgustingly pureFriendships withered by our natureHonesty treated like a broken toySadness always met with razor-sharp vitriolLabor spawning tribulations for the elderlyAdventures blocked by a draconian lack of the basicsReveries drenched in warm blood and bone shrapnelBlessings decimated like viceroy butterfliesAbstractions of a misplaced soul/bodyNow, a new requiem sleepsThe truth will blossomThat glorious escapeEscape to normality
Enjoy the winter solitude... by aloner777
Melancholy in words
Io non trovo le parole by baroquedoll
Serenity Full
It's A Small World by Daiika
Serenity in Words
The meadows of my childhood by baroquedoll
Plobbles by Grace-Dupre
Zeme - Earth Element by Emerald--Weapon
Commission: Prisoner by Dark-N-Wolf
The Critic gallery
Slithering Psychopathy by Leehon
Saint Maud by Alkanett
love 2
Daisy by Bananomynous
love in words 2

Mature Content

little - Art Deco by JREKAS
Featured 2
The Center of the Galaxy by Sara-Arasteh
Peace 2
Joy 2
C'est Paques !!! by Myria-Moon rvb by Myria-Moon
Sorrow 2
Kanashimi No Umi [original] by SawakoPhoenny
Melancholy 2
Long Live The Queen by InkyRose
Spider Queen by Corvinerium
cherished by enkrat
The Riddler and Two-Face - Arkham Kings by DashingTonyDrake
All Other Art
Quinn by Grace-Dupre
Dark Art
Tuonetar Lady of Death by TeroPorthan
Fan Art
Boeboom 2 by Valgergo
Mature folder

Mature Content

Destruction Bewerkt. by Valgergo
Admin's Art
Burning Sunset by shades-of-art
Manga Anime
Irene from Claymore by Elainuar
Digital Art
Triste temps pour Aime-Moi NVB by Myria-Moon by Myria-Moon
Serenity II
Sk8er Boi by Alkanett
Love 2
Meeting of Beren and Luthien by point-maitimo

Rules for submitting your works:

:bulletblue: Declining works : most reason for declining is that members are submitting to the wrong folder.
if in your description for instance : (fanart.....)is stated and you submit to another folder it will be declined.
after several notes to users we noticed that some are  just picking a folder and go.
It must be a Digital Art Work (any digital work viz. illustrations, digital paintings & airbrushing, photo-manipulations, digital drawings, matte paintings, etc.).
:bulletblue: If it is photo-manipulation, then all stock must be credited in artist's description. (as per stock providers' rules) or it will be declined.
:bulletpink: as we see some members are using google / amazon or other media to make manips, as long you can provide the @ or written permission it's ok , if not , you're submission will be declined,We have no intention of violating anyone's copyright, and take the matter very seriously.
:bulletpink: It should not violate any rule of :devart: .
:bulletblack: FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?
this is because we as group had a appliance for a member who had underage children in the gallery. (REJECTED)
Update on FAQ #284: Can we submit photographs showing actual injury, self-harm and mutilation?
we don't condone any of this..... fake or real, and please seek help if you do.
:bulletblack: FAQ #284: Can we submit photographs showing actual injury, self-harm and mutilation?
:bulletblack: FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?
:bulletblack: FAQ #249: Are there restrictions on photographs of teenagers or children?
:bulletblack: FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?
:bulletblue: the new folder is for those that have blogs and or journals they want to show , like links to YouTube etc etc.
:bulletpink: Made an other  photography  folder because of  questions where to put them.
:bulletpink: Made an other  folder because of  getting much ADULT works, be polite and don't send in Porn or to Gore works or they will be declined without an

If you have some suggestions feel free to vent them :-)
Thanks for reading .

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Group Info

Happiness, love, sadness, anger and fear 5 of the strongest emotions around and they show them selves in all forms of art. From surreal to Abstract, digital and traditional to photography, poetry to short stories, art is the best way to show how we are feeling and what we want others to feel when seeing a piece of art.
Founded 11 Years ago
Feb 10, 2010


Group Focus
Art Collection

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Some rules for submission:

NOTE: at this moment a new member is subject to vote, this is because we have noticed that porn is send in , the works are also subject to vote,
thank you for understanding :nod:
When joining, Please join as members only. Unless a request was sent to you for Moderator :hug:

:bulletred:Only 3 deviations per Week. All, Subject to change

:bulletred:Nudity is accepted. BUT it has tobe art. This also means, most folders could contain some form of nudity.

:bulletred:Favourite Submissions Only 3 fave submissions per day to fave collections. you have some fave art in your gallery and you would like to share - all fave collection galleries are now open.

:bulletred:No Racist art of any kind or Any kind of 'hate' art towards any Religion. Please.

:bulletred:Some Galleries will be subject to Vote

:bulletred:Challenges are Just for fun, to try new things - All works Can be old or new pieces of art, poems ect.
Once you have created a piece, put in artists note "For Emotions-in-art Mini challenge". Then submit to challenge folder. No winners. No losers.

:new::bulletred:Critic Gallery

All art work that goes into this gallery is for members of the group to critic on. so if you don't want people to critic your work please do not place in here.

Before you make a critic please put

"emotions in art group member, Critic"

Then your Critic in either the critic section or comment. This is to let the artist know that your are a members of this group.


That's It.

Lifes Little mystery


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