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Dark Journey chapter two
Star Wars: The Dark Journey
Chapter two: The Arrival
Darth Vader slowly placed a foot on the dark ramp in front of him. His other foot quickly followed as he walked down it completely. The sand beneath his dark boots was blowing towards Vader’s direction. A large squad of storm troopers accompanied him on both sides. Each one armed with regular white-colored armor and a standard blaster.
Vader stared at the buildings placed in front of him. Each had once radiated beauty and peace, but now, were destroyed due to  Order 66 had come into play. Memories of Anakin’s past came into his mind. Vivid scenes of Padme and himself talking, enjoying themselves, but that was the past. Now, Anakin had turned into a sith monster and had unintentionally killed his love.
His eyes closed softly as he returned his thoughts to the job at hand. He turned to the troopers at his left, “You will scan the building to the left. The rest of you will search the building on the right. If you
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Star Wars Fate Of the Jedi character sheet
Name:  Setrah Kar
Alias:  Darth Setrah
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Home world: Naboo
Appearance: Setrah is about 6 feet tall, with muscular arms and legs due to his excessive exercising. He has dirty blonde hair that goes straight to a V over his forehead. His eyes are a sort of Grey-Blue that look like they are fading every second of the day. He wears a light-tan shirt that crosses in the middle like an average Jedi Knights' clothing. He wears light-tan pants to match his shirt. Setrah also wears a dark brown colored robe that has a hood for stealthy missions. He wears a pair of dark brown boots that blend in with the dark.
Equipment: Seth carries a com link, datapad, and extra items that vary on the mission he is going on.
Vehicles: Setrah has his own Eta-2-Actis-Class Light Interceptor that is colored teal on the wings and front sides. The rest is a darker grey color that stands out in the night sky.
Weapons: Setrah has a
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The Siege of CoruscantJason
The Siege of Coruscant
Jason bowed slowly to his former master and the council member beside him. He was officially a Jedi Knight. He was now a true Jedi warrior, the very type of person that would fight anywhere for the Republic. The two in front of Jason turned and slowly paced away, proud of what they had just witnessed.
He looked out the large, clear window beside him. The planet was as it always was, busy. After all, it was Coruscant, the most populated planet in the galaxy. He shook his head to rid himself of the thoughts. Fellow Jedi walked past him, carrying on their normal lives. Some of them had been through the same ceremony as Jason, some haven’t.
He had to rid himself of his thoughts again. He was doing this day dreaming too many times. But he had a new sense of fulfillment, he had become what he always wanted to be, a Jedi Knight. He walked back to his room slowly, basking in his feelings of accomplishment.
He walked in his room only to find a holoprojector lying on
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WWEFanroom Chara sheet Name:
                                              WWEFanroom Chara sheet
Name: Keith Neron
Alias: Shooting Star
Height: 5’ 7’’
Weight: 170
Weight Class: Cruiserweight
Appearance:  He is fairly short with dark tan skin. His hair is a black shade that had a little stripe of brown down the center. His arms are small, but a little muscular. His legs the same as his arms. He has a six pack abs. And a small scar across his chest from a knife that cut him. He may seem small, but he is deadly.
Ring Clothing: He has tight pants that are red and have a star that has lines coming from behind it. Overall it looked like a shooting star on his pants. His boots were a solid black with red laces. He has a white belt that holds his tights on. The white is a creamy white that stands out against the colors of his tight pants.
Entrance clothing: Same as Ring Clothing
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Character sheet for WWEFanRoom
Character sheet for WWEFanRoom example
Name:  (first and last… Not the stage name. Here it is the Actual first and last name)
Alias: (This is your stage name or the name that the announcer will use. Please try to think of a non-crazy name. We want to be somewhat realistic)
Height:  (metric or standard I do not care.)
Weight: (same as above)
Weight class: (cruiserweight, light heavyweight, Heavyweight, or Super heavyweight) first being what Rey Mysterio is, last being what Big show is. Now, please do not have a super heavyweight as a highflyer. It will be denied. Remember also that Cruiserweights aren’t that strong. And know that any other class but Super heavyweight can be Highflyers. But only Cruiserweights will be placed in Highflyers.)
Appearance:  (what does YOUR CHARACTER look like. Not his clothing. Don’t be too crazy with this please. Your chara can have Face paint if you’d like.)
Ring Clothing: (This is where you get to describe what his
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The Lost Fighter
                                                                           The Lost Fighter
Stanton adjusted his hands on the trigger of his rifle; he was inhaling and exhaling slowly. He was on another job for a secret boss. He was unsure of the name, location, or even the description of his boss.
He was finding one specific target, a rogue worker for Stanton’s secret boss. This man had attempted to assassinate his own boss. That’s why Stanton, the best gun man his boss had, was sent to kill the rogue.
Stanton found his target sitting
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The lost fighter
The lost fighter
                                    A Star Wars story by emotionalshadows and MilosAndric
The sun was bright and had a large center filled with yellow and  little streaks of red and orange. The planet of Nar Shaddaa, a smuggler’s hideout or place for refuge, was bustling with people of all different species from all across the galaxy. The many bars on the planet’s surface were packed full of Smugglers and Bounty Hunters.
“You seem a little bit worried, Stanton.” A voice from over his shoulder came quickly from nowhere.
“Why do you say that?” Stanton was a smuggler, a rather great one. He had worked for the Sith for over 5 standard years, enough to make a regular man insane, but that was not the man Stanton was. Stanton was a hard-headed man; he rarely became frustrated or nervous. He was always a well-thought man, someone who always thought
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Name: Jaryin Nova
Nickname/Alias: Nova
Race/species: Human
Place of birth: Nar Shaddaa
Current age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 246 lbs.
Appearance: Jaryin is tall and muscular. His hair is short and chocolate brown. His eyes are a very light green, almost like fresh leaves on a tree. His legs are very long, that is where most of his height comes from. His arms are long as well and very muscular. He has a tattoo on his back, it is the marking of a slave. And then another which is his name in green, the exact same color  of his eyes. He has a scar from his elbow to his wrist from a sword slash on Vulta.
Clothing:  Jaryin wears a white shirt with a brown jacket and a light brown greatcoat. His pants are tan with brown streaks on the sides. His boots are an odd shade of black, light black but with an odd tint of brown at the same time. He also has a belt with three holsters, one on the left one on the right and one in the back. He also wears a brown regular hat for some style.
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You're not alone
                                                                 You're Not Alone
The sun went down
And you looked out into the night
The day had passed and you felt something in-side
You walked out into the night
The thought of that bullet crossed your mind
But you need to know!
You're not alone and you never will be
You need to see!
That life Is worth living
So just don't quit
You are struggling
To keep yourself ali------ve
Tryin' not to take that gun
It is getting so hard
It's becoming so diffi-cult
Not to pull that trig-ger
But you need to know
That you're not alone and you never will be
You need to see that life is worth living
So just don't quit
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Name: Cade Jenaro
Nickname/Alias: None
Race/species: Human
Place of birth: Dagro
Current age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 160lbs.
Appearance: Cade has short brown hair with streaks of light caramel through the middle. His eyes are the thing that makes him stand out the most, they are a very dark shade of blue. They are like two frozen rings of water around the pupils. His smile also makes him stand out, the way his cheeks move when he smiles brings joy into the air. He is decently skinny. His legs are long and muscular just like his arms.
Clothing: He wears a light brown robe that looks almost tan but slightly darker. His robe was made to match his hair color. His pants match exactly to his robe. His boots are a dark brown, darker than his robe, almost a chocolate brown but semi-lighter. He also has a standard utility belt for his gear.
Force specialty: He knows the basics, like force push and a little of the force jump, but hasn't perfected them.He has strengthened in force
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So I was standing around after Choir (Still in the Choir room) for the bell to ring, and these two people (Kyleigh and Brayden) were singing out loud together. It sounded good, it really did. And my other friend Baylee said Brayden sounded amazing! I don't doubt that. But something clicked in me.... Jealousy. It happens whenever I hear things about another good singer in Choir.

I hate this feeling, I really do. But something always clicks back into my head.

There are other good singers out there. Not just me (I know I sound full of myself. I'm not trying. I'm just saying) but a lot of other people. This world is big enough for all of us to become singers (For those of us that want to). Besides, I probably won't even go into the same genre of music as those other people. Hell, maybe we'll even be in a band together some day.

My point is, is that just because there are other people that are great at singing, doesn't mean I can't still go out there and become a singer like I want to.
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