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Happy Pride

Happy Pride month everyone, this pic took me two days to finish. I wanted to make a pride picture for awhile but i couldn't figure out who to draw for it. I finally decided to go with my Oc Lizzy and her crush/best friend Willow. Lizzy is wearing the gay pride flag on her shirt, as She is Lesbian, and her friend Willow has the Pansexual flag

Lizzy and Willow have been friends for year, they were friends back in Middle school and Willow one of the first aside for Lizzy's Family to visit her in the hospital after her sex change surgery. Yes Lizzy is Trans, She was Born Male but after years of saving up money, along with the help of her twin and grandfather Lizzy was finally able to fully transition into a body she is comfortable and prideful in, Willow to this day is still Lizzy's best friend. When they were younger the two of them were in a dance club together in school. They actually won a couple trophies for the dance club. The two still dance together often and will even compete in competitions sometimes. 

I hope you Enjoy the picture and Have a wonderful Pride Month
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