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the still day

p e a c e


Just something that I did a while ago and just found. Not that happy with it but I like the idea that its not another horse.


Thanks to the stock owners:

Zebra - [link] - rensstocknstuff
[link] - Zebra 001 by rensstocknstuff

Background - [link] - tamaraR-stock
[link] - Weeping Willow by tamaraR-stock



This artwork may not be used for any purpose and
may not be re-posted by anyone other than myself,
EmotionalHorse, for any reason.

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This is so lovely.

The zebra looks serene and slightly sad while the foliage creates a peaceful atmosphere. And I love the leaf shadows on the zebra’s back, such a minor detail that makes the picture fit. The reflection in the water is also very elegantly done. I’m pretty such I babbled enough but, I can’t help myself from saying it one more time, so beautiful!
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Wow, thank you so, so much! It means a lot. :hug:
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Hey there... I was wondering if I may use this graphic on my layout on PONYBOX.COM (:

If you would beable to credit them yourself that would be awesome ^_^
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Sorry, but I don't really want my works on another website. :hmm: But thank you so much for asking, instead of just using it.
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Awee ok :/
Thank you though! And your welcome...
Do you think you could make me one for PB though?
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I would love to. :) The problem is that I'm short on time. If you're willing to wait a few days, I could get started on it. Send me a note telling me what you want.
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Lovely!! Thanks for using my stock!
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Very beautiful! Thanks for using my stock. :)
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I think it looks great! It's just so peaceful and sad <3
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