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Transparent background, can be used on any colour

Note that it is animated (if I don't MSN resizes it tiny) but animation is minimal. This means you should treat it as an animated image (ie DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EDIT IT OR YOU LOSE IT). The only animation is that every 10 seconds there is a fast blink. Using a static emoticon of this size in MSN means it is shrunk down to some vaguely recognisable blob - it must be animated to retain its size. So... it is. Not that most people will notice.

....sometimes, you just HAVE to talk British. Whip out your monocle, false moustache and red-ribboned bowler hat. But that's hard over the internet. heck it's hard in real life if you're not in a habit of carrying such essential items around with you. So you need something to help... to help you Say It... BRITISH!
I went with a bowler hat because it was less cliched, yet just as British-stereotyped, as the top hat - and it fitted inside a limited canvas size better, too!

Downloading often causes errors and is disabled. Right-click the emoticon, select 'Save image As..." to save it to your computer. Add to your IM client from there.
And if people ask about where you got it, it would be great if you could link to my page!
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I used this in the following comment, word for word
"Say It... BRITISH By jove, I think she's got it!"