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Someone anonymously asked me to start making some pokemon emotes. This is the first. Sorry it's not that recognisable - I just wanted ones that would be enjoyed so I am going by the popular ones rather than my personal faves (WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE THE BIDOOF :cries:).

Much thanks to =MenInASuitcase and his animation tutorial - though aimed at those just starting to animate, it had a screenshot of a frame-by-frame aniamtion deck, showing his fancy 'jelly' bounce! Though I exaggerated it by adding a 'thin' frame immediately after the slightly flat one to make the emoticon look more rubbery. :meow:

I did make a tail initially but couldn't really put it in there with the bounce... plus an emote with a tial often looks silly anyway...

Added a shadow as advised by =MenInASuitcase. Not happy with out it came out though, doesn't look quite smooth... however, like anything new, it will take practice! :w00t!:
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