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January 31, 2009
Panda - Running by ~Emotikonz is a smooth and well animated emote - plus it's darn cute too!
Featured by UnicornReality
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Panda - Running GIMPed

Transparent background, can be used on any colour.

EDIT: Gimpified?Yes. I made this in Photoshop. But I used the GIMP to modify frame rates to 50ms. Emoticon movement looks so SEXY NOW. (Shut up, Lunari!)

General request from ~puddin-chronicles.

An adorable Panda sprinting towards the viewer! Aww!
It's my first ever emoticon with four 'limbs' as it were so you might think it looks a bit weird.
I thought the Panda I started making was so adorable I saved it as a base so I will probably make more Pandas to make a complete emoticon set!

Running (towards you): Erm... this is it.
Blow Kiss: [link]
Angelic: [link]
Free dA avatars: [link] [link]
How about a full panda IMing moodset?

EDIT: Head doesn't go so low now, before it was bumping the ground with its chin...

A DD!! :faint: I was wondering why I had so many messages! :excited: Thanks so much Hanratty, and to everyone who enjoyed it! :aww:!
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SwordTiger8888's avatar
 this is very, very cute!!!
Waru-Katsu-chan's avatar
...its a panda...a friggin PANDA. *inside my brain: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MMMMYYYYYYYYYYY GAAWWWWWWWWD!!!!!!!!!!!*
TheMask02's avatar
Aera8's avatar
So cuuuuuuuuute!
^.^ this amuses me, thank you, right when i saw this it put a smile on my face ^.^ I<3 panda's
kiolisk's avatar
is this free to use?
Emotikonz's avatar
No... I mean you could use it in MSN if you wanted I suppose, but no uploading to sites and it doesn't make a good avatar.
kiolisk's avatar
olitiger's avatar
that is really really cute!
do more because i think your great at it! :D
angelwings987's avatar
Omg thats sooooooooooo cute! I love pandas, and this is possibly the greatest emoticon ever! Great job!
eqestrian-princess's avatar
it is soooo cute! can i use it?
Emotikonz's avatar
No, because this is an art piece, not stock or avatar (but thank you for asking first).
If you are looking for avatars, I have a folder for them.
eqestrian-princess's avatar
small358's avatar
oreowhitestuffy's avatar
Cute : D I wuve panda's : D
Black-Dot-Sheep's avatar
This is brilliant!! :D!
Emotikonz's avatar
Thank you! It still does retain its charm, even though it's in the old style.
The new style is :iconpuddin-chronicles: - though that is a personalised avatar of course. ;)
Black-Dot-Sheep's avatar
The avatar is nice as well :D!! :clap:
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