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Panda - Blow Kiss

Transparent background
Can be used on any colour*

Generic request from ~puddin-chronicles (She likes panda stuff!)

An emotipanda (most of my emoticons are emotiguys).
This one blows you a kiss. Awww! So cute. I saved the panda base so I'll be making more emotipandas over time. They are so adorable!

Running (towards you): [link]
Blow Kiss: You're looking at it!
Angelic: [link]
Free dA avatars: [link] [link]

How about a full panda IMing moodset?

*I don't recommend pink, you'll get a bit of a pink overload there.
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lool; it is cool
WoodFang's avatar
yay cute pandas
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I wanted to let you know this piece has been featured in my Valentines Day themed journal here ~~> [link]

:iconhihilove: :iconsnuzzleplz:
Emotikonz's avatar
Thankyou, dA's resident nutcase. :thanks:
kaffblock's avatar

Palandur's avatar
:cuddle: <-yellow= me, green= panda =D
KatexVengeance's avatar
my god, that's so cute *.*
make more! :D I'd love to see new pandas :]
Emotikonz's avatar
You got it! :salute: I like the emotipanda! :nod:
MiQxNoiR's avatar
Too adorable! :heart:
Much love to you for making it & sharing with us here to see!
MiQxNoiR's avatar
You are welcome :hug:
Momma--G's avatar
Aw so cute! I adore your Panda! :highfive:
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Ta muchly... They are so cute.
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I would like to hug and kiss that panda any day.
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Why not, s/he is kssing you. Sort of.
You know, I'm not sure what gender that panda is. I'm gonna go with 'guy' since everything I own (soft-toywise especially) has to have some distinctively feminine feature to be a girl - eyelashes or a bow.
So Emoipanda is a guy. :D
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I will assume he's a she since that is just me. Or if it was able to talk, I am thinking he would have a girl's voice.
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I exaggerate girlyness if I was specifically making a girl. You know, eyelashes, bow... the only time I haven't is my pink emotiguys, because hair and eyelashes make them too complciated. With the exception of the flirt one.
Kamoodle's avatar
Like your avatar here for example.
Emotikonz's avatar
Yup. Though that avatar is WAY old. I just can't really be bothered to make anything else since it is still just fine IMHO.
Kamoodle's avatar
Still, girl figures are not just about hair and eyelashes.
Emotikonz's avatar
Naturally. However, when I add eyelashes or lips, instantly any character becomes a very masculine lady. It's annoying. :shakefist:
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