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Transparent, any background.
Lights look better on darker colours, but watch out for hiding the reins.

Christmas is coming (of course it is!) so here's a VERY simple little emoticon to celebrate the season. It's not super detailsed, but then again, it's only going to be used for about a month anyway, isn't it? ;)
On an unrelated note, my country (New Zealand) is in the Southern Hemisphere, so we get Chirstmas in a summery December. I keep seeing promotions of Santa surfing and it is a bit odd. Oh well. At least it is the summer holidays now!

EDIT: My goodness, if I knew it was going to end up the most popular in my gallery, i would have spent more time on it! Particularly ont hose reindeer! :D

EDIT2: Okay, Christmas is over for 2008. But Christmas 2009 is still coming! Horrah!

EDIT3: Alright, it's not the most popular anymore. The panda is. But I think mainly for its DD getting circulation rather than for its own appeal compared to -- oh, who am I kidding, the Panda was better, DD or no.
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Wonderful! !!!!!!!!
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rudolfs a riandeer god RUDOLFS A GOD
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Very nice, love it!  MERRY CHRISTMAS by Emotikonz
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Hi dear member of :iconthefavouriteshowcase:

your beautiful piece of art has been Featured in the latest newsarticle of the Devious Edition, nr 1: [link]

Thanks for sharing :wave:
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I still think this is WIN! You have reindeer RUNNING! Awesome sauce. :hug:
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They're legs aren't bending, they suffering strange spasms. :lol: I'd redo this if I could even be bovvered.
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I love this one allot great job ;)
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Seriously...?! It's a year old..! :laughing:

I should do a new one.... :plotting:
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I love it even that it is old
sure i can't wait if you have ideas for a new one ^^
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Actual,ly at this stage it is probably too late :noes: I don't think I'll bother. :(
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Hello there,

first of all, excuse me for my english which is not so good.
I would like to ask you to publish this work under CC license, so that I can use it in a small project of mine which is related to open source or explicitly to give me the right to use it.

Thank you in advance.
Happy holidays!
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Done. :)
Happy holidays to you too!
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Thank you! I really appreciate this.
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Hi :wave: This has been featured here: [link] :hug:

Remember to :+favlove: the article so more people can see it :aww:

Happy Holidays! :santa::xmas:
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