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September 6, 2010
IMing: Digital Piracy by =Emotikonz is a great take on picturing in form of an emoticon a controversive and important issue. Don't only look at the emoticon, but read the artists comments aswell.
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IMing: Digital Piracy


:new: Now with for the lazy and illiterate!

Just look for the running teal deer shown to get basic watered down summaries. (Note the TL;DR does not have any examples, expansions, or jokes, unlike the main content.)


The following text neither supports piracy, nor comdemns it.

Instead, whilst is still shows disapproval of piracy as a deliberate lifestyle choice, it points out the flaws displayed by both pirates and corporations, as to why piracy occurs, and the fuzzy area of grey involved in digital piracy.

Which is rather interesting, because, hey, newsflash:
I MADE THIS BECAUSE I WAS BORED. That's right. Wasn't supposed to be controversial symbolism at all. (All this dialogue just... happened.) Made while redownloading DLC for a game that wasn't working, and after being unable to get a soundtrack due to iTunes' ridiculous COUNTRY RESTRICTIONS.

Lifestyle pirates, downloading because you can rather than because you have absoultely no reasonable alternative (perhaps because the legit product is not available in your country... you bought a legit copy that doesn't work, was lost, or corrupted and you 'illegally' replace it... etc) ...well, you guys suck.

Corporations, with you copyright-protection zealotry making products cumbersome for legitimate users to the point where pirated copies are more user-friendly... you kind of have it coming. (I'm looking at you, EA. You and your DOWNLOAD MANAGER. And that DLC. What the hell, guys...? Really.)

Also... this did rather came out a bit ranty, but it isn't really supposed to be. I even put several (terrible and/or vague) jokes in there for your amusement.


The following text is (relatively) objective. And, if you are at either of the extreme ends or piracy/corporation zealotry... you suck.


I don't know how long digital piracy has been around, but certainly it has ben shown that the more companies try to protect their products from piracy, the more it gets pirated in proportion.

Why...? Because experienced pirates will find ways around these barriers, and even remove them. Legitimate users find themselves encumbered by them, to the point where their games/music/programs/etc are rendered unusable through some verification fault and they end up downloading an 'illegal copy', depiste having actually paid for the product.

Also, piracy isn't 'stealing' per se, since you are taking COPIES, not originals, and such originals can still be legitimately sold. But pirating just because you can't be bothered to buy the legit version would still end up dropping their sales, hence the RAH-RAH.

If you genuinely do not have the money for a legit copy, and if (without piracy options) you would genuinely go without, that is the only example of piracy that couldn't really be considered stealing - at least in the same way (though it is no less illegal) - since it doesn't actually affect the companies sales, and isn't so much different from, say, visiting a friend who has James Cameron's Avatar and watching it at their house, or borrowing the disc. However, it's pretty hard (not to mention expensive) for producers to fine you for visiting friends' houses, combined with the issues of 'invasion of piracy' - sorry, privacy! (dohohoho) being thrown at officals to get them to back off from knowing what dastardly deeds you widdle wascals are getting up to. Otherwise, believe me, they could well try.
In fact, it could even improve thier sales in an indirect way if you praise the DVD/music/game and the get the benefits of word-of-mouth (unless you praise a pirating site aswell).

Anyway, I just thought of this because my official DLC for Dragon Age: Orgins, called Golems of *whatsit*, has created a whole lot of issues. EA's suggested solution was redownloading and reinstalling ALL DLC (which I'm am trying now). EDIT: It didn't work. But deleting my profile file, and having DAO generate a new one, did. And since I connect to their servers, they had my acheivements on file so I didn't even lose those!
Then, I looked for the original soundtrack for the first Mass Effect (I have already bought the second) on iTunes. Couldn't see it. (...really...?) Searched "Mass Effect OST on iTunes" and... wow! They do have it!
Except it's only available for USAians.

Then you have the fac that, as of late, many game producers no longer provide demos. Screenshots..? Trailers...? A couple of gameplay videos...? Yeah, enough to pique your interest. But not enough to actually be able to make an educated decision as to whether you, yourself, with your own tastes, would enjoy a game you could easily be spending up to a hundred (NZ) dollars or more on. This, compounded by the fact most shops won't let you return PC games (even if it turns out to suck) on the grounds that you may have copied the disc, and may have downloaded a crack2 for it, and maybe, just maybe, you are returning the disc because you are selfish and want your money back.

...and I just thought, see, it's THESE things, these here, that drive people to digital piracy.
I can't even THINK of any music stores in my area, let alone any that might be large enough to have the original track. (I could try TradeMe...)
Soo.... I made a digital pirate to kill time while waiting for the DLC to re-download and eat up my data plan.

Oh, fun times.

As an added note, there are of course people who would pirate just because they are lazy Pirate A-holes3 that can't actually be bothered to earn money to buy things and treat piracy as a life-style.
Dear Pirate A-holes.
Eat lead-based paint and cry in a corner.
That is all.

These will be the people I hypothetically mentioned to ~Giruveganus:
    Incidently, if there was an invention that allowed you to scan, copy, and reproduce physical products, you think we'd get Product Piracy too?
    "Oh, my sweet-as Lamborghini? Yeah, I didn't actually buy it... I downloaded the schematics to my much-loved and very-illegal HandyDandyDuplicatorTM, and then 'printed' it out using raw material obtained from limes. (It's why the car always smells so citrus-fresh!)"

:bulletyellow: The more companies try to protect their products from piracy, the more it gets pirated in proportion. Pirates will dodge anti-piracy barriers. Legitimate users find themselves encumbered by them. Many corporations have it coming.
:bulletyellow: Piracy isn't actually stealing, since you are creating duplicates. However it can hurt sales if you deliberately pirate instead of buying, hence offending producers.
:bulletyellow: If, without piracy, you would genuinely go without a product, you downloading will not affect their sales. (It can even be beneficial via word-of-mouth marketing.) Compare: visiting a friends house to watch James Cameron's Avatar because you cannot afford to buy the DVD.
:bulletyellow: People may feel piracy is their only option if a product is forever unavailable to their country through legitimate means.
:bulletyellow: Game producers no longer provide demos so gamers can try out games. Stores no longer let you return PC games (you may have copied them). These together means that people will be wary of spending money on any games, and many will download illegally to at least 'try' a game. (They may or may not buy it legitimately afterward, but many games need to be registered for special bonus features such as online PvP.)
:bulletyellow: People who would pirate just because they can't be bothered to earn money to buy things and treat piracy as a life-style - you guys suck.


1: Oh, those naughty minstrels.
2: a 'CD crack', layman's terms, is a special modifed file ( the *.exe, standard executable) that enables you to run a program WITHOUT the disc in the hard drive, even if it is normally required. Many cracks reportedly have problems running programs; the progrums might refer to actual CD material now. Then again, the cracks might include that these days. I'm not exactly up-to-date on the latest tricks.
3: I fear a dA reprimand should I actually use the real word here, but you know what I mean. And if you don't, it's staying that way.
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Ace66062's avatar
I kinda agree! Quite much actually. Don't have money for Photoshop? Get GIMP.

(Btw why is this emote tagged with almost every word I search???)
Emotikonz's avatar
It appears everywhere, because dA's search includes the description - which in this case, is massive. ;)
Ace66062's avatar
Yesh. I have no idea how you have time for that. O_O
MovieMowDown's avatar
How I use this smiley?
Emotikonz's avatar
"Use" it how? If you want to put it in COMMENTS, you can't, not even if you're subbed. (Aprrently dA are working on a system to add this feature, but it probably won't be released for a year at least.) There are however ways to put it in chats and journals.
SawedOff-Shotgun's avatar
I downloaded a pirated Left 4 Dead and it works all the way. And Im damn proud of it. I am evil :iconevilplz:
CrystalTwilight's avatar
Teal Deer XD
I didn't realize is was TL;DR until the second one. I really don't know why.

I love the hologram effect and the "popping" animation!
Digital pirate indeed :lol:

I did read the artist's comments and I was going to say something about them but tiredness and teal deers made me forget.
I might come back one day and tell you what it was but I doubt I'll remember.
Until then I'll just enjoy the hologram pirate :B
Emotikonz's avatar
:lol: I was up until nearly 5am trying to keep down my messages so they didn't overwhelm me that afternoon. (Tragic really, but there you go..!) So I understand the too-tired-to-think-straight thing (though I managed to think pretty well for most of my replies, thankfully.)
CrystalTwilight's avatar
Wow :noes:
Yeah, I think you did pretty well on the replies.
I was curious so yeah, I scrolled down and read a lot of comments. It's interesting to see other people's views...
Emotikonz's avatar
Many people didn't even read the comments, even with Teal Deer. :| So I had people go "I agree, piracy rules!" and "I got the jist: "piracy baaad" even though both were wrong :lol:
CrystalTwilight's avatar
Yeah I noticed that :no:
Doesn't it say at the top of your description "This neither supports nor condemns piracy" or something similar to that?
Oh well, there will always be some lazybutt who doesn't like to read descriptions :lol:
Emotikonz's avatar
Apparently even text the length of that comment you just sent drives some peopl away. :| Seriously... and yet they still feel entitled to make commentary on important or personal issues (or whatever) that require an educated opinion.
CrystalTwilight's avatar
Sigh :roll:
It's not even essay length, and quite a bit shorter than some stamp descriptions I've seen.
But like I said, some people just can't be bothered.
kargaroc586's avatar
This is propaganda, people.

repeal the DMCA.
Emotikonz's avatar
What, what is, this deviation...? You mean that this is supporting of piracy...?

While DMCA may or may not be overzealous (I only know the acronym, not the intricate details) this merely explains why piracy happens and its actual effect; it neither supports nor condemns it.
Personally I support the corporations - if they work hours and hours each days for several years, I WANT to pay them for it - but again, the serious issues I am constantly running into because of the anti-piracy measures on my LEGITIAMTE PRODUCTS make me :iconfacepalmextremeplz: and I can see why some people feel piracy would be easier.
kargaroc586's avatar
I understand when the creators get their money, but when the giant conglomerates use writers and artists (and all sorts of people) as slaves (pretty much), that's just wrong, and i'd like to deprive the evil a!@holes responsible.
Emotikonz's avatar
But the people who get hurt by the piracy are usually the 'slaves' (they often work on commission) - NOT the giant comglomerates. :O_o:
kargaroc586's avatar
well they are always getting hurt. the corporate middlemen take almost all the money and give a small percentage to them.
Emotikonz's avatar
...and the total from the percentage... will be smaller... if the corps make less profits. :unimpressed:
Poison-Stripes's avatar
Very interesting. I like this.
Poison-Stripes's avatar
johnathan-katz's avatar
The long rant was a bit much and I thought the sprite was the main focus, other than that, it's nice and long live pirates!
Emotikonz's avatar
I added a TL;DR for each section for people that didn't want to read the whole thing, it doesn't actually support piracy. (In fact I lean more towards the corporations' side.)
It does point out, however, that the corps are ridiculous in how they try and protect products and they're making it wrose.
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