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Cuddles: Fireworks

By Emotikonz
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I wanted it to be my New Years avatar... :cries: i did try keep it RELATIVELY simple....

....as per =ManiacalMuffin's suggestion, I removed one colour (of fireworks) for my avatar. I then reduced total colours for use (before I had to reduce it to around 16 and it looked like :poo:). I don't really like red so I scrapped that one.
...it does look a bit weird with just two fireworks... :paranoid:
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Such a sweet moment captured with such minimal detail.  Beautiful.
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The avatar is AMAZING. Very good job in it :). It's a great New Year avatar I think :).
The colours are simple, but the complexity wouldn't remain too good in a work so little like this.
I just love that simplicity. :D.

You need more attention. You have talent.
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:icondawwplz: Thank you!

When I actually used it, I had to simplify it even further and have only two colours. ;n; Silly 15kb limit...
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You're welcome :).
Yeah, I think it was a problem.
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really great fireworks effect, especially with the shine on the hilltop :thumbsup:
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Thanks. :) I'm quite pleased with it... the only things that annoys me is the burst JUST before falling.. looks weird...
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That's amazing! The colouring of the ground and stuff seems like it was really difficult to get the colours and stuff right...

I apologize if my sentence structure made no sense.... I'm kinda tired right now.
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Basic gist of message I get did. :giggle:
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Wait, again I have weird dA stuff. I see this *is* the original and the 2-color is the avi. For some reason, the 2 color was showing in my inbox. :stupidme:
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Mwhahaa, yes, I was wondering what you were on about. :B
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Yeah, I don't know if it's my computer or dA or both, but it's frustrating to see different things on the same page at different times. :roll:
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Aw, too bad you had to remove that 3rd one. Can you release it too as a regular dev.

This is amazing work. Really nice. :clap:
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I did release it as a regular dev. This is it. :slow:

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This is amazing =3 must have been so hard to make but the outcome is wow ^^ so cute!!!
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Thanks! :D

BTW, are you still wanting an avatar fomr me? Because you already have I think is awesome I couldn't possibly improve on. :paranoid:
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:hug: it was a bday gift =3 but i would love anything koala you could make me!!
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A new deal from what I've seen from you before. :)
I like it, I'm impressed. :D By the falling ember and the highlight on the hill/Cuddles esp.
I take it your computer prohibition did not last as long as expected? :iconnewhugplz:
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Technically it still is.... just turns out that if I go to MUM, and not DAD, I can have it back during afternoon only if all household chores are done. :shh:

...Dad wants me to never use it until I set perfect habits (:innocent:) whereas Mum just wanted to remove the distraction until I did my work. :love:
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Sounds like a plan to me. ;)
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Maybe you could try just have 2 fireworks instead of 3? That might make it fit the limit :la

Other than that though, it looks great!
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I shall try that :la:
I don't like red that much anyway... :paranoid:
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