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Cuddles: Apple Tree

Your web browser must support 50ms/s to see this properly. Firefox is a good choice. IE is a terrible choice and Cuddles will be space-jumping in slowness-powers. Hint hint.
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I felt a bit bad that in C+O: Apple Tease Cuddles never got his apple. :( So now he gets to have heaps of them on his own... for evuhhhh!
I cupped the image in because it looked strange, that block of grass, without something to break it from the page. I probably went to far, but it's okay. Cuddles wouldn't care about being trapped while he has apples.
Also, regarding the mouth - for those of you that still don't know, Cuddles is actually a beaver. So he has buck teeth, though you can't see them for long. They're definitely there though.
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RukahTsubasa's avatar
how cute! nice work^^
Kamoodle's avatar
That is just so cute to watch him shake some fruit off the tree to get something to eat.
Gironimo's avatar
haha :lol: great idea!
Emotikonz's avatar
Thank you very much! :giggle: It was made for all the people who felt sorry about the Apple Tease... :paranoid:
BlissfullySarcastic's avatar
Great job! :la: I like it.
Emotikonz's avatar
Great job! :la: I like it... too. :)
MenInASuitcase's avatar
:la: cuteness! :hungry: i like it :giggle:
Emotikonz's avatar
Thanks! Coming from you that means a lot. :meow:
Grelae's avatar
Omg! Yay! He got the apple! x3 :heart:
Emotikonz's avatar
He gets LOTS of apples! :boogie:
Mirz123's avatar
I really like how you did the affect with the tree. Nice movement on the shake and the apples. Yay! Cuddles gets his apples. :heart:
Emotikonz's avatar
Yes,he does! So cute! :excited: And I like how his mouth came out, too!
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