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My tiny-type is now available as a true-type font DOWNLOAD for file!
You would probably find this best in programs which allow you to modify kerning manually, though it can be used without this tweaking.

The font I pixelled px by px on my emoticons has been made into a font (thanks for the link *Mirz123!) so now you guys can use it!
Despite being set at '10pt' in this 72 DPI image, the real font is 5px high. Includes several special characters too (something sadly lacking in many fonts that just put in a logo or a blank space)! Upper- and lower-case letters are the same.

Please provide credit when the font is used.
:bulletblack: Art containing font MAY be uploaded to dA (with credit).
:bulletblack: Art containing font MAY be sold commercially without my permission, but it's still nice if you credit me and let me know.
:bulletblack: You are free to use this for home use and pixelling hobbies!

The following thumbs are examples of this font:

Interested in MOAR pixel fonts?

How to Install
:bulletblack: Download the file.
:bulletblack: Open your Control Panel > Fonts.
:bulletblack: Copy the file into there; it should install automatically.
:bulletblack: NB: Programs already loaded will have their fonts preloaded. Google how to reload fonts in that program or restart your computer to have them appear.
:bulletred: Because of way my bitmap fonts work, Win7 users may have difficulty using them in MS Paint.
© 2009 - 2021 Emotikonz
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Thank you so much! This was brilliant to make on a requested icon. <3
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Oh wow!!! This font is SO TINY /squints

It's actually EXACTLY what I was looking for just now! Brilliant for stamp making! :love:

Thanks for sharing :heart:
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You're welcome. :) Stamps actually have a fair amount of space, so you might prefer this one instead: [link]'s slightly bigger, but easier to read.
ClefairyKid's avatar
Mm, I looked at that one, but I already have one that I like to use as an inbetween size :meow:
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I used the font in my avatar. Credit is in my devID as well as in the copy of my avatar uploaded to my scraps. Thank you! I love this font.
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I used it here [link]

I had to hand pixel it, though, because for some reason it didn't show up on my computer :(

Thank you!
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Ahh... bitmap fonts of this variety often don't show up in MS Paint. However, they show up in almost all other programs including the GIMP (free) and Photoshop.
EastSideSunsets's avatar
It worked in PhotoShop. Silly me ~
EastSideSunsets's avatar
Okay, maybe I'll check it in Photoshop. I had it open in Word :meow:. Probably not the best idea.
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used it again here [link]
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Thanks alot for the font

Used here

[link] :bulletpink: [link] :bulletpink: [link]

and here

[link] :bulletpink: [link] :bulletpink: [link] :bulletpink: [link] :bulletpink: [link]
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You're welcome! And thanks for linking back to it, too! :D
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You're welcome.
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This is exactly what I've been looking for, since the fonts I usually use are way too big for a space that is way too small. This would be just perfect!
Although there is a slight problem... I can't seem to open the download ^^;
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You don't 'open' it, it is a font file, not a *.zip or *.rar.

Save the downloaded file to your computer (if you haven't already). Open your Control Panel and go to 'fonts'. Just copy/paste the file in there and the font will install automatically. :)
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Worked like a charm. Thank you very much ^^
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Thank you for sharing me the font<3
I love your fonts !

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Thanks for making this great resource. The font has been used and credited here. ---> [link]
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Yeeey! :la:
You are too good to me. :meow:
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Thanks for sharing.

I'm gonna use it for my new avatar (god willing)
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