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 :D (Big Grin) Waaaah! :o (Eek) Sweating a little... Clap I am a dummy! Love Meow :3 La la la la Nod Giggle Oops! No, I disagree! Rage Hug CURSE YOU! :happybounce: I think I've fainted. Huggle! Lonely Doh! Yawn Bored Roll Eyes Stare  EVIL Laughter! Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. Devilish Blush Ashamed OMG!  Chainsaw Pissed Bump Bucktooth Dizzy Fight! Stupid Worried Sleepy Alien Christmas Aww Slam Head On Table =D (Big Grin) Lick   Death ;-) (Wink)   :| (Blank Stare) Mwahahahahahahaha! Thank you! Thank you! Okay... Moving on now... Heartbreaker  Smooooch! Stabbed in the back! Glomp! I've got my fingers crossed.  Deviation love Tight Hug Noes! Man Hug  :ShutTheFuckUppercut: by MenInASuitcase   I'm not an idiot by MixedMilkChOcOlate      :icon300plz: by luckylinx   :glompage: by blunaowl   RUN IT'S AN EMOTICON!!!!! STAMPETE!!!!!!!!!!!!Time to haul ass out of here! 
got more

Bouncing grin Daphne-Brown(:lipbite: I helped him) Really Happy Falling In Love make your own OC (Clone Revamp) :8Bsuperstar: revamp Giant stare can't touch this Magik pen Meow  Revamp Dad 'n me emoticons. Sparkly OC Wave revamp My Tard slash emoticon (OLD) Exited Invisible Revamp sun evil twin How Rainbow Emotes Are Made Crying revamp Boing  Revamp Squee Revamp Faint happybouncemeow :brat: Emoticon Stupidmeow Mentally insane  Blankmeow Rofl Revamp Possess Eyeball Tunes Revamp :what:  Emoticon   Giant Ball Meowboing (NEW UPDATE) gave my OC hair 8B test animation the thinking emoji animated Sobbing Date Revamp Triggered possess boogie V2 Bouncing Eyes Possessed  Emoticon :heartbreaker: Revamp IAm R.I.P Stephen Hillinsburg Shiny Rainbow Emoticon Bouncing Tongue Emoticon BlankBounce Inktober Director wtf BOOM! BlankBounce Dizzy  Revamp Pointandlaugh  Revamp Tard Lava Ball Rainbow Orbs Angry Meme Face Awesome face Giant meow Points+ Shot Emoticon Totem Pole Possess Boogie Inktober OMG  revamp Zombie revamp :lol: emoticon revamp Possess Boogie Stare Revamp Rolling sobbing V2 Rainbow Orb Eating Park Tard sword vs random emote Possessed V2Old Styled Emote Piskelapp DA logo transformation golden DA logo Wave V2 Water Orb. Disappearing Emoticon Points = $money stare faces Giant Smile Angered Revamp   
still making emotes
ok so It's been a while but I made more emotesMagik pen Meow  Revamp Squee Revamp Wave revamp My Tard can't touch this How Rainbow Emotes Are Made Bouncing Tongue Emoticon the thinking emoji animated Emoticon Totem Pole Banned reupload Points+ Shot Mentally insane Stupidmeow Meowboing Pointandlaugh  Revamp Possess Boogie Inktober slash emoticon (OLD) :brat: Emoticon Boing  Revamp BlankBounce Inktober :what:  Emoticon Tard Lava Ball Blankmeow possess boogie V2 Tard sword vs random emote Eating Park Triggered Invisible Revamp BlankBounce Possess Boogie Explosion Giant Smile Sobbing :heartbreaker: Revamp Possessed V2 Old Styled Emote IAm Possessed  Emoticon Rolling Piskelapp DA logo transformation golden DA logo Shiny Rainbow Emoticon Dizzy  Revamp Disappearing Emoticon OMG  revamp Zombie revamp :lol: emoticon revamp happybouncemeow Angry Meme Face Points = $money Giant meow 
It's funny to think that back when this group was created, we didn't even have emojis yet. Heck, we didn't even have the iPhone!
It's a shame this project never took off.