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By Synfull

Using Emotes on dA

One of the best things about chat friendly emoticons is being able to use them within conversation. However, finding out how to use emoticons around deviantART can be a little confusing. There are actually several ways which you can use emoticons around the site and the methods are neatly summed up within one tutorial:

:bulletblue: How to use emotes on dA

Official Emoticons

The 'Official Emoticons' list is the remains of the old emoticon system used on deviantART called The Emoticon Legend. In the past, only a small number of emotes were usable in comments around the site, and these were listed on the Emoticon Legend. To use these emotes you had to use a code (such as :hug: -> :hug: ) and due to the nature of the system, the list became hard to efficiently update or maintain.

In July 2013 a new Stash Sidebar was added allowing any emote to be used around dA. However, so as to not lose the ability to use the emote codes, or the past list of emoticons so many were used to, the Emoticon Legend merged into the new system, labelling the list as 'Official Emoticons'

Note: The new emote system does not currently work with the dA chatrooms. For the moment, you must still use the Emoticon Legend or a Script such as superdAmn to use emoticons in chatrooms.

:bulletgreen: The original deviations of the Official Emoticons can be located on this page

How do I get an emoticon added to the 'Official Emotes' list?

The simple answer is it's near impossible. The old Emoticon Legend was rarely updated and with the introduction of the new emote system, the likelihood of them taking time to add more 'Official Emoticons' is pretty slim. However, as any Chat Friendly Emoticon can now be used in comments, it is less important to get your emote added to the official list.

What are Plz accounts and how do I make/use them?

Plz accounts are dA accounts created for the use of their avatar. The emote or image is placed as icon, which can then be produced in comments wherever avatars can normally be used. They are called Plz accounts due to the fact most accounts end in the 3 letters plz, both to avoid using decent names and to identify their purpose.

:bulletpurple: For more information on creating and using plz accounts, check out the Plz account journal

How do I use emotes contained in a pack?

Sadly whole packs of emoticons can't be used on deviantART without each emote being uploaded individually as a deviation or Plz account. If you find an emote in a pack you would love to use then speak with the creator to see if this can be arranged.

Packs can however be used on other sites (with owners permission). To access the pack download it and then select to 'extract all files'. This should allow you to obtain the individual emoticons.

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HardH3rtz's avatar
It works =3
Wintercat96's avatar
How can you add an emoticon to the Community Emoticon list?
Cutegirl28286's avatar
S38074's avatar
Having issues again. Is there a special rule for 150x150 emoticons? I uploaded two and neither one has appeared in "Add Media".
Amarantheans's avatar
I know it has been a while but you cannot add emotes that large to the add media section they only go up to 50x50
TeraOfTheAbyss's avatar
I published my emoticon, and it still isn't listed in the community emoticons.
Why isn't it?
Can anyone take a look and find the problem?…
stuck-in-suburbia's avatar
First, this isn't an emoticon. Second, not sure what you mean by "community emoticons" - if you're referring to the legend, then it will not appear there. If you use the search function, you should be able to find it.
S38074's avatar
How long do you have to wait before using your own Chat Friendly Emoticon after uploading?
Synfull's avatar
Can't say I've ever tested that in order to find out. Sorry.
S38074's avatar
It's okay, I found it about 30 seconds after uploading.Happy Meow Emoticon 
Benthehyena's avatar
So why it still doesn't work 3 minutes after I uploadind ?! I'm still trying and trying ! :(
S38074's avatar
Try searching the whole name. Where's the emote you're uploading?
Benthehyena's avatar
Well, as it wasn't working, I deleted it... ^^;
S38074's avatar
It also helps if you put it in the right category: 150x50, 50x50, 25x25, etc.
I might upload a few more myself.
Benthehyena's avatar
Thanks. But I think I choose the good category...
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momma-SHIN's avatar
Is there a limit to how many official emotes we can use in, say, our artist comments? 
Synfull's avatar
Not that I'm aware of, but I can't say I've tested it
dawnbuneary's avatar
how do you use your own emoticon?
Synfull's avatar
Sorry for the late reply. You make sure it is submitted to the chat friendly section of the emote gallery then search for it using the 'add media' feature
dawnbuneary's avatar
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