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Free programs

This section gives a set of links to programs and sites that are completely free to download.

MS Paint
Realworld Cursor Editor (Portable version)
Beneton Movie GIF

Free trials

This sections gives a set of links to trials of programs that can be used to create emoticons. All links are to the program's official website.

Adobe Fireworks CS5
Photoshop CS5
PaintShop Pro X17 - For static only (no animation software)
ASEPRITE (Sprite editor)
Paint Tool SAI

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Bouncinggrinplz's avatar
I use piskelapp, it's free and easy.
Phazer2's avatar
Can’t you use folioscope or other stuff. Do you have to use these? I use iPad so some of them don’t work for me :idk: 
Synfull's avatar
Use whatever program works for you. This list hasn't been updated in about 5 years so is probably greatly out of date
Phazer2's avatar
Also can you delete your own comment on someones post or on you own? Instead of just hiding it. Also when you hide it is still there? Im a noob Idk 
Synfull's avatar
Nope, you can't delete it - stops someone writing rude comments and then deleting them
PreciousAxlShine's avatar
Does anyone know if I can use ibispaint X to create icons?
Turqouis's avatar
Paint is a free program, It normally comes on all Microsoft computers
Paint // MS Paint
Synfull's avatar
I wonder why that wasn't already on the list :O I guess probably because it doesn't have a download link. Anyways, thaks for pointing that out - I've added it to the page.
DmitriLeon2000's avatar
Asesprite is no longer a free program and is now a free trial program.
Synfull's avatar
Thanks for letting me know. I've moved it over into the free trial section instead
Techie8's avatar
GraphicsGale is not free to use. Just wanted to point that out. It has a free trial, and a sub-par useless version.
Synfull's avatar
Sorry it's taken me so long to update this. I've swapped it over into the free trials section instead
Techie8's avatar
SweetCreeper132PL's avatar
Paint.NET allow transparent color?
Divine-Angel-Heroine's avatar
Don't forget about Krita it's kind of new.
Synfull's avatar
Do you have a link to it?
Synfull's avatar
Thanks :) I added it to the list
PiggehtehScratcher's avatar
I use Realworld Cursor Editor for all my bitmap art. Technically what I use is the built-in RW Paint, though.
Synfull's avatar
Do you have a link to it?
Synfull's avatar
Thanks :D I've added it to the page
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