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What is a Plz account?

Plz accounts are dA accounts created for the use of their avatar. The emote or image is placed as icon, which can then be produced in comments wherever avatars can normally be used. They are called plz accounts due to the fact most accounts end in the 3 letters plz, both to avoid using decent names and to identify their purpose.

Is there a list of Plz accounts?

There isn't an 'official' list of plz accounts, however there are a number of accounts on deviantART designed to help deviants find new plz accounts to use. Below is a list of some of these accounts:


How do I use a Plz account?

As plz accounts are simply dA accounts you can use there icon around dA by simply typing :iconAccountName: into journals, comments and chatrooms. The account name is different for each icon and the letters 'plz' only need to be included at the end if this is part of the account's name. Not all accounts will end with the 3 letters 'plz'. Other variation exist including 'plx', a number or simply no ending at all.

TeAmoPlz -> :iconteamoplz: -> :iconteamoplz:
BalloonsPlz2 -> :iconballoonsplz2: -> :iconballoonsplz2:
cakeplx -> :iconcakeplx: -> :iconcakeplx:
Seriousnod -> :iconseriousnod: -> :iconseriousnod:

Not all emotes will have plz accounts which completely match their name. It is therefore always worth previewing the comment to ensure you have the correct one. For example:

:iconsqueeplz: -> :iconsqueeplz:
:iconsqueeeplz: -> :iconsqueeeplz:

How do I create a Plz account?

All the information needed to create Plz accounts can be found in the Plz account tutorial by Synfull

Is there a way to easily use plz accounts in comments?

From time to time scripts/extensions are created to add additional functionality to your web browser involving plz accounts. These functionalities include the ability to search plz account databases, insert plz accounts directly into comments and keep a list of your most used plz accounts. For up to date information on plz account scripts, check out this page

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