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Deviation Actions

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By Synfull

General FAQs

Q: What is the emoticon legend?
A: The emoticon legend is a list of official emoticons for deviantART. These emoticons can be used all over the site by using their :code:. You can find a list of emoticons on the legend here: comments.deviantart.com/emotic… and more information on the legend in this tutorial: synfull.deviantart.com/art/How…

Q: How do I get an emoticon on the Emote legend?
A: The simple answer is it's near impossible. A couple of times a year the list is updated, but there is no set schedule for updating the legend or application process to get specific emotes added.

Q: I have found a stolen emote on DA. What can I do about it?
A: To report the deviation to a member of staff, there is a ‘report deviation’ link underneath the deviation on the right hand side. Then chose the ‘permission issues’ option and fill in the form.

Using Emoticons

Q: How do I post an emoticon in a comment, forum post or journal?
A: This has all been summed up in one simple tutorial: synfull.deviantart.com/art/How…

Q: How do I use emoticons in chatrooms?
A: There are a couple of scripts which allow you to easily use emoticons on dAmn – the deviantART chatrooms. You can find more info about these scripts on this page: emotication.deviantart.com/jou…

Q: What are plz accounts and how do I use or create them?
A: For more information on plz accounts please check out this journal: emotication.deviantart.com/blo… or this tutorial: synfull.deviantart.com/art/Syn…

Creating Emoticons

Q: What programs can I use to make emoticons?
A: There are a number of programs you can use. Some offer additional features but it comes down to finding one that suits you. There’s a list of free programs and trials on this page:  emotication.deviantart.com/blo…

Q: What file type should I save my emote as?
A: For a static (none moving) emote you should either save it as a .gif or a .png, however for animated emoticons a .gif gives the best result. Never save images as a .jpg as this distorts the image

Q: Why do some emotes look slower in my web browser than in my animation program?
A: Some web browsers have a minimum frame rate at which emotes can be viewed. This is generally 0.06 seconds. Therefore if you place a faster frame rate on an emote, this will look far slower in the web browser. To avoid this happening, it is suggested you use the Firefox or Opera web browsers.

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rainilu's avatar
Sorry for being a bother to whoever responds to this, but I have a question - is there any way to keep from dA automatically correcting certain text to emoticons? I want to put ": P" (but without the space in between the colon and "P") for use in something that is completely seperate from the emoticon ":P". (The sespific thing I need to say is as follows: ".:Personality:." but of course, as you can see, dA corrects the colon and P to ":P".
Thank you!

Side note: this is for use in Sta.sh, if that makes any difference. Also that I will be getting core soon, so it's still available to me if there's an option to turn this function off that's core-only?
Synfull's avatar
It seems I don't check the comments on this group as regularly as I should. Hopefully by now you already know the answer, but I'll reply just in case you haven't or someone else wants to know.If you stick a set of html tags in the middle of the code, dA won't turn it into an emote. For example, if you type :<b></b>P it will look like :P instead of :P

On that note, sta.sh can sometimes be funny with html formatting and occassionally I find it doesn't look right in sta.sh but is fine when you submit it. So best just to play around with it and see what works :shrug:
RoxasPikachu's avatar
ok i know what im going to say is so crazy but.. do you know "add media" ? i used to have it now its gone.
is theres any porgram for it or something? because thats so weard
Synfull's avatar
No program - it's a part of dA. If you are still experiencing the issue, I would contact the help desk - help.deviantart.com/contact/
JellyBeanAddict27's avatar
How do you make a transparent emote if you only have Paint? :iconcolonlessthanplz:
Synfull's avatar
You'd have to use another program such a gimp
ArtGod77's avatar
I saved my static emote as a GIF and a PNG...and a white background keeps coming up. I DID make the canvas transparent....What should I do? :paranoid:
Synfull's avatar
What program are you using?
ArtGod77's avatar
GIMP. But I figured out the problem, thanks though (:
Hikari129's avatar
Short question: I really like the -plzs and that's the reason why I would like to use them as some kind of emoticons for my website. Sure I will link them to their da-accounts so that there is a reference - but am I allowed to do this? Should I ask every owner of a plz-Account for permission?
Synfull's avatar
Technically you should ask the deviant who made the image the plz account shows

However, speaking for personal experience , if i find one of my emoticons being used on a site (without my permission first) i don't mind if it is correctly credited.
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