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By Synfull
An emoticon project is a large free to join collaboration between emoticonists. Projects come in various different variations. Whilst some set a theme, others provide a base or background which allows for different artists to contribute.

Open projects

A list of open emoticon projects can be found in the Emoticon-Projects Gallery

Closed Projects

Emoticon-Projects also holds an archive of past projects from the emote community. These have been split into journals based on the year they were started.

2006 - 2008

The group also hosts a gallery of past emoticon projects (2010 onwards)

'Closed Projects' gallery

Project group

There is a designated Emoticon project group which provides more information on past and present projects in the community. You can find a link to this group below:


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why are all the comments hidden? this is a awesome group
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This page used to list active projects and they are all old comments asking for projects to be listed on the journal. When the purpose of the journal was changed (as the role of it is now fulfilled by #Emoticon-Projects), all the outdated comments were hidden.