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By Synfull
Scripts and Extensions can be used with certain Internet Browsers to help customise it or add additional functionality. there are a few user created scripts which are emoticon related. these are listed below:


SuperdAmn is a script for use on dAmn which incorporates a number of features from existing scripts including dAx, Zikes custom emotes and tab color fix. It allows you to install one script instead of the multiple existing ones along with a few extra features. It also includes access to the emoteCLOUD database.

:bulletblue: SuperdAmn download page

dA Emoticon Refresh

dA Emoticon Refresh allows you to update the emoticons on the legend and mood system. It works with Stylish and overrides the current images with ones of your choice. The basic script comes filled out with revamped emotes chosen by the creator, however you are able to edit the style sheet to customize it. These changes will only appear on your computer, but its a great way to update the legend for your viewing pleasure.

:bulletgreen: dA Emoticon Refresh deviation page

HelpPlz uber

HelpPlz uber is a handy script which communicates directly with the HelpPlz website to make plz accounts easier to track down and insert into comments. It provides the functionality to search the HelpPlz database, drag and drop plz accounts into the text area as well as offering a custom list of used plz accounts for easy reference.

:bulletpurple: HelpPlz Uber deviation page

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thanks for introducing HelpPlz uber :iconotsuukissplz:

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There's a code for stylish that replace lots of the emoticons from the Legend with revamps.
You should add that :B