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By Synfull

What programs can I use to make emotes?

There are a variety of programs around which you can use to make emotes. Some come with more functions which can assist you in emoting, but at the end of the day its about finding one you enjoy and can get a hold of. For those lacking in cash, there's a good selection of free programs, so don't be put off. You can find a list of those on this page. Some of the common programs are:

:bulletblue: Photoshop
:bulletpurple: Fireworks
:bulletgreen: GIMP
:bulletblue: Ulead Gif Animator
:bulletpurple: Paintshop Pro (static only)
:bulletgreen: Paint (static only)

Where can I find tutorials?

There are over 200 different emote tutorials available covering a range of programs and a number of emoticon topics from simple shading to explosions to creating backgrounds. To help direct you to an appropriate one, they have split into a number of categories (and sub categories) to help make navigation easy.

:bulletblue: To access these categories, head over to the Tutorial page

What is a Pack and how can I make a 'Pack'?

If you make a number of emotes which fit together as a set, it is possible to submit them together in a single downloadable file known as a pack. To do this all the emotes must be first places in a .zip/.rar file before being uploaded to dA. For more information on how to do this, take a look at:

:bulletgreen: Synfull's Emote pack tutorial

Which category do I submit my finished emotes to?

The general emoticon category is located under 'customizations > emoticons' and from there the category is determined by the contents and purpose of your emotes. To help you on your way, there are a couple of useful pages:

:bulletpurple: Emotication's Category explanation
:bulletblue: Synfull's guide to emote categories

People keep mentioning '15x15 bases' and the '5-2-1-2 pattern'. What does this mean?

The coloured circle which is used within an emoticon is known as a 'base'. The most common size of base used within the community is 15x15 pixels. To make this look as circular as possible, the edge of the emote follows a pattern of 5 pixels, 2 pixels, 1 pixel, 2 pixels known as the '5-2-1-2 pattern'. For an illustration of a 15x15 base check out:

:bulletgreen: 15x15 base explanation

Are there any existing bases or items which I can use in my emotes?

Certainly. There are variety of artists on the site which have made ready to use packs of coloured bases, faces and items. You can use these free of charge within your emoticons (always read the artist's rules) to help you make emoticons. There are again several places around dA which you can find these resources:

:bulletpurple: Emotication's Base Pack list
:bulletblue: Emotication's Base pack and accessories collection
:bulletgreen: Pack-it-in's Base pack gallery

How can I use my emoticons around dA?

For information on using your creations around the site, check out the information on this page

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Test test Invader Zim Gir Dog Suit 2019 Icon Invader Zim Gir Dog Suit 2019 Icon  
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can i make emotes on fire alpaca?
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Can't say I've ever heard of it, but if you can make pixel based art in it, it's possible to make emotes :)
cold-dead-body's avatar
Idk if I'm stupid or if I missed anything, but-
Do you need to have Membership to make a emote (excluding "plz" accounts)?
Synfull's avatar
Nope. It's like any other art form on dA
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i did make it 50x50 and use the category customization / emoticons / chat friendly emotes / medium - up to 50x50 / Static
but when i checked it on add media it doesn't appears, did i do something wrong?
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It can take a while before it will show up
Soursopful's avatar
oooh i see, more like 1 day?
Synfull's avatar
Something like that. I don't know the exact amount of time (I've never tested) but it's certainly not immediate
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Hello ! I have a little question ^^
What is the maximum size for an emote which can be used in comments ? Because I tried to make a 150x50px emote and it is impossible to use !
Hellypse's avatar
No, I've seen longer icons, like this one : Candycorn Line Right
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probably 1000x150
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They all always end up too big, and they don't appear in add media.
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suck a wet fart from your grandpa and hold it in like a bong rip
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If they are too big, they probably aren't emoticons and don't belong in there anyway
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There are also online editors :)
Synfull's avatar
Any names/links for ones you can suggest?
CrushyGreenRen's avatar
Pixlr Editor. Made by Autodesk (the ones who created Sketchbook).
Quill-Works's avatar
How do you get the emoticon to appear in Add Media????
Tenshi-Spirit-Wolf's avatar
That's what I was wondering...
SKKDragonKnight's avatar
This is awesome!!!! :D
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