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The deviantART chatrooms (also known as dAmn) are a great way to meet other deviants from the community and talk in real time. Along with being able to talk there are also occasional chat events ranging from trivia to critique nights to random emote sessions.

Are there any emoticon based chatrooms?

There are a number of emoticon based chatrooms. These include:

:bulletblue: WeEmote

To stay up to date with chatroom related news, it is also a good idea to keep an eye on the following groups:


How can I use emotes in chatrooms?

As with the rest of the site you can use Emote Legend emoticons and Plz accounts within chatrooms. However, there is the ability to use thumbnails which allows you to use almost any emote in a chatroom.

To do this you can simply copy and paste the emote's thumbcode (which looks similar to :thumb1234567:) into the chatroom and it will appear when your message is sent. There is a high restrictions on thumbnails such that ones over 100 pixels in either dimension may become distorted or not show up.

To help make this process easier and emotes more accessible, there are a number of emoticon scripts which can be added to your browser to add additional features. You can find out more information about these on this page

Please note: Chatroom admins have the ability to turn off emotes, avatars (Plz accounts) and thumbcodes such that they wont work within a given chatroom. They also have the ability to limit the number which will work for each message, so if emotes are failing to show check the chatroom's settings and policy.

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