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By Synfull

Gallery structure

The current structure of the Emoticon gallery is shown below

:bulletgreen: Chat friendly Emotes
:bulletblue: Small - Up to 25x50

:bulletblue:Medium - up to 50x50

:bulletblue: Large - up to 150x150

:bulletgreen: Visual Purpose Emotes
:bulletgreen: Packs

Category descriptions


Emoticons, also known as 'emotes, 'smilies' or 'emojis' intend to represent facial expressions, actions, or situations.

An emoticon is a small piece of art designed to help express people's feelings, moods and emotions. They are generally pixel based, round and contain some sort of action or facial expression to put across the emotion it is meant to show.

Chat Friendly

Chat friendly emotes are emoticons designed for use in conversation. They may be used with chatrooms, IM programs or forums to show some sort of action, emotion or expression. They generally have small canvas sizes and transparent backgrounds and those designed for dAmn (dA chatrooms) should not exceed dimensions of 150 pixels in height or width.

The chat friendly gallery is then broken down into further sections depending on the canvas size of the emote. Within each of these size categories the emotes are then separated into Static (non-moving) and Animated (moving with multiple frames)

Visual purpose

Visual purpose emoticons are emotes designed purely to look at. They can range from small to large canvases, can be animated or static and often display a pixelled background as they have no use in conversation


Packs are deviations containing a range of emoticons submitted within a single downloadable file. The emotes within the pack may be used within other deviations, IMs or forums. A pack can contain a variety of emoticons, including animated, static, varying colours or even emoticon bases. It is always advisable to state terms of use within a pack's comments, and to always check these if you intend to use a certain pack.


The Misc category is available for any emoticons that do not fit into the other categories.

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CraftyMaelyss's avatar
I've made an emoticon and I've set it to 'customization-Emoticons-Chat friendly Emoticons-Medium - up to 50x50-Animated' Yet when I go to the 'community emoticons' and type in the name of my emoticon, it doesn't show up. Do I have to be a premium member to make or use the emoticons I make for comment responses?

This is my emoticon:…
ConductorWolf's avatar
Did you figure this one out? I'm having the same issue.
CraftyMaelyss's avatar
Yep! So basically when you set it, it needs some time to process it.
Customization / Emoticons / Chat Friendly Emotes / Small - up to 25x50 / Animated
I've edited mine and I think it needs some time to process it, I'll check on it later to double check though P:
ConductorWolf's avatar
Gotcha! :D Thank you! I finally figured out which category by looking at where people had their icons listed but it seems like none of the tutorials, except one I found, mentions the waiting period. :O :shrug: :) Thanks again. :D 
CraftyMaelyss's avatar
Hey no worries dude :)
CraftyMaelyss's avatar
Spyro cheers bro icon Yep it's just a matter of waiting :)
ConductorWolf's avatar
Still loving the Spyro. :heart: :D 
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