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Community Volunteers (CVs)

What is a Community Volunteer (CV)?

Community Volunteers, or CVs for short (formerly known as Gallery Moderators - GMs) are deviants who look after a specific category of deviantART. They are easily recognised by the ^ shaped symbol in front of their username. In the CV position they can run official contests, organise community wide events, select Daily Deviations for their category and act as a voice between deviantART staff and the community.

As the name suggests, the Community Volunteer position is entirely voluntary with CVs running all of their activities in their free time. There are no set 'tasks' a CV must organise or complete - they cater for what their gallery needs and they are able to deliver.

Who is the Emote CV?

There currently is no emote CV, however, any DD suggestions can be sent to Moonbeam13.

A list of Gallery moderators of other categories can be found here

Daily Deviations (DDs)

What is a Daily Deviation?

A Daily Deviation (DD) is a one day site wide feature which is given to exceptional pieces of art. Each day's DDs are displayed around the site in various places including the  Daily Deviation page, page footers and channel page

Who features Daily Deviations?

Daily Deviations can be given by Community Volunteers (CVs) and certain members of staff. Each CV looks after a specific part of the site and can only feature DDs for the section they over look.

You can find a list of CVs for each galleries on this page

How can I suggest an emote for a Daily Deviation?

To suggest an emoticon for a Daily deviation, simply note the current Emoticon CV with a link or thumb of the deviation. You can also include a short reason why you feel it would be a good DD, but this isn't completely necessary.

Each CV has their own set of rules of what they look for in a DD, and what DD suggestions they accept. It is always worth checking on their page for this information before sending the note. A global rule of thumb to note is that a person cannot receive more than 1 DD in a six month period, so if a suggestion for a deviation by a deviant that has received a DD recently, it might not be taken until they can receive a DD again.

Is there a list of past emoticon DDs?

Everyday the Daily Deviation page is updated to display a new selection of DDs. However over time it become hard to track down DDs which were featured weeks, months or even years ago. Luckily, there are a few places which keep an up to date list of past emoticon Daily Deviations to make your search easier:

Past emote DD collection
DD-Catalogue's Customization DD folder

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