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what to do?

finding collaboration partners:
You want to create an emoticon collab with somebody but you can't find a partner? Just go to this blog there you might find a deviant to work with! Or you can be added to the list as well, just read the details on the blog :eyes: --->…

collab events
You want to participate in collab events? Instead of creating a "main" list there will be a new list for every event and as soon as a new event starts, it will be featured here :aww:

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Emoti-collabs avatar by Synfull
emoti-collabs by Krissi001
Happy Birthday, Kath COLLAB by yarjor
trishna87 emote FINISHED by catluvr2
1st collab event - opposites
Tug of War by Scorpion81
Tug of War Collab w_Scorpion81 by a-kid-at-heart
Opposites collab by seapuppy
Opposites collab by Krissi001
2nd collab event - support
Support Collab by Quolia
collab - :supportcallcentre: by stuck-in-suburbia
Autism Awareness Collab by Kohaku0827
Autism Awareness Collab 1 by catluvr2
3rd event: Christmas_New Year's Eve
40 Frames Collab
ToW Collab Animation Challenge
ToW Collab Entry. by ohemjayy
ToW Collab Animation Challenge by a-kid-at-heart
ToW - upsguy1997 vs ridley126 by a-kid-at-heart
ToW Collab Entry by Ridley126
Projects Pixel Project by Arichy
Calendar Collab  - closed by Krissi001
Frame by Frame Project by Krissi001
Reopening Collab Event


Edit: Deadline extended due to only 3 people signing up. Please help spread the  word if you can, otherwise this won't work. We need more people! No experience needed.

:wave: Hi everyone!

First off, welcome back to Emoti-collabs. Thank you for sticking around and welcome if you're new. :)

Since this is a collab group, it makes sense for people to be paired up to work together, so this blog is where you can sign up for a collab partner. Just add a comment here saying you'd like to be paired up with someone, and after the deadline (which I'll mention below), I'll pair you all up so you can start working together and getting to know each other. :eager:

The deadline for signups this time around is July 10th, pairings will be announced by July 12th.

Along with the new signup pairings, I've decided that every month there'll be a collab challenge - be it working with your partner on an Emote story, working on a theme, giving you just a word to work from, whatever! I'll try my best to mix it up and would be happy for suggestions. :) Prizes are a secret for now, but they'll be revealed once the pairs are matched up! :happybounce:

The List:

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