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Last Revised: 30th December 2008

General Use
:bulletblue: Credit me in the description of your piece, with a link to my page or image/resource used:
:devemothic-stock:  or  :iconemothic-stock:
:bulletblue: Let me know that you've used my stock with a link left on the image/resource used or in a note.
Please do not leave your links on my main page, it may be unnoticed
:bulletblue: Don't use my stock in pornographic, racist, sexist, violent art. I don't agree with it, so my stock won't be used in that way. Feel free to use my stock in dark/horror/macarbe art - I have nothing against that :devilish:
:bulletblue: Please be creative with my stock. I don't want to see simple colour changes or a simple filter used.
:bulletblue: There are some exceptions in my stock gallery, where you can use my stock to practice retouching, filters or colour chages. It will say in the description whether or not this applies.
:bulletblue: Please don't put your work in the Photography category if you have used my stock. I will ask you to change the category if you do so.

deviantART Prints and Other Commercial Use
:bulletblue: Please ask before you submit your work as a dA print. I'll probably say yes, so just ask.
:bulletblue: I have a folder of Unrestricted Stock in my gallery which is free for all commercial usage.
:bulletblue: If you would like to use my restricted stock in a commercial way please send me a note. If it's for personal prints or other art products you will be selling personally (for example,

through stores like etsy or your personal art store) then I will probably say yes.

Use Outside dA
:bulletblue: Generally my stock is only to be used in deviantART.
:bulletblue: Please ask permission before using on other sites (i.e. MySpace, Livejournal, Facebook, etc..)
:bulletblue: You are free to post work using my stock on other online portfolio sites (i.e. your personal portfolio site, FlickR, etc..) but I'd like to be credited and notified like normal.

Using my resources to make other resources
:bulletblue: You can use my stock to make other resources, but I'd like to be told and credited like normal  
:bulletblue: Stock you make with any of my stock cannot be sold or put on paid stock sites. I might as well be selling my stock.

Unrestricted Stock
:bulletblue: For my Unrestricted Stock, all I ask is that you let me know where you've used it, and credit me.
:bulletblue: You are not allowed to sell or redistribute my unrestricted stock, or any stock made using this stock.
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Can i use your´s stock in a Wattpad cover?