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Spike and Smolder
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Published: July 1, 2018
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If it turns out that they're siblings, remember.... I called it! Xb
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JoeMavroHobbyist General Artist
To ship or not to ship...
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nickel8Hobbyist Traditional Artist
two cute dragons are so Adorable!  

small heart - pinksmall heart - blue   Cute Smolder Spike sprite small heart - pink small heart - blue 
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riderman09Hobbyist General Artist
if not i'd ship it!
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MrFidgetHobbyist Digital Artist
Pinkie Pie Icon : Spike and Smolder sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!  

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dragonspikeexeStudent Digital Artist
Spike and Smolder breath fire at pinkie pie
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"Hey guys! Don't you think he looks like my little brother?"
"Well, you both look so adorable. So you look definitively like siblings. Cute siblings that is."
"Shut up, Gallus!"
"I ship them! T-that's how it's called right, Ocellus?"
"Silverstream! I swear to the dragon lord if you ever write something about this I-"
"Yona thinks that you should have dragon babies together."
Both dragons blushed.
"Uh, Yona? They barely know each others."
"Then why you make think they are couple?"
"For messing with Smolder."
"Oh. So no dragon babies then?"
"*facehoof* Oh my gosh, Yona..."
Smolder dropped Spike and flew away.
"I'm out!"

Lovely work
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AlfieCakesHobbyist Digital Artist
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Spike's harem grows with each passing day...
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I honestly find it crazy that I actually don't really ship these two 
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KhialatHobbyist General Artist
This is SO precious :aww: :giggle:
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I wanna hug smolder and spike sooooo badly right now!

smolder: u always wanna hug dude.

me: true, Bc u r so cute!

smolder: IM NOT CUTE!
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QueenWoomyRose48688Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Smolder: (sighs) there is no way out of this is there?

me: nope
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You LIAR!!!! I CALLED IT!!! >n<

Still... just favorited the image! :3
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EMositeCCHobbyist Artist
Lol, alright! XD THIS PERSON CALLED IT!!! I just went with their theory! Xb
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Hahaha! It's fine! I'm ok with sharing it! All that matters is that it happens! :D
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Awesome drawing of Spike and Smolder!

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ep. 24 should give the answer
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ScyphiHobbyist General Artist
That's...that actually is a pretty neat idea. I'd be game for that if that's so. :D

Doesn't really seem like Hasbro's style, though...but who asked them, am I right? :P
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I still say he and Ember are siblings but more and more are going with this 
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The Vintage Pony also likes it
you're one of the best artists on the Discussions
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EMositeCCHobbyist Artist
Why, thank you!
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Smolder: Princess Celestia never told you want happened to your family.

Spike: She told me enough she told me there all killed.

Smolder: No I am your sibling.

Spike: No that's not true that's impossible.

Smolder: Search your feelings you know to be true.

Spike: YYYEEEESSSSS I know I have a real dragon family!! :D (Big Grin) 
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Very cute, and that would be awesome if they were siblings.
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