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Hello everyone! Before I begin, I'd like to suggest that you check out :iconemilz-the-half-demon: 's artwork. I'm positive that you will all like it! Now here's the info about her open commissions:

Once again, I'm open for commissions if anyone decides to take a look....I'm not sure if it's just because the advertisement for the buttons on my page aren't workin or if they're just not bein seen all too well, but maybe I'll just stick to postin 'em on Journals  :3  if any of yew would like to spread the word, please copy & paste this journal entry into your own, it'd really help me out~! That & I'll admit that i don't have much preference between ponies other than selective Alicorns & I can't do Draconnequi for my life  >////<"

I will say this now so i won't have to type this up for each commission description for the rules:
   * Please specify if yew would like a background or not for your request; it won't change the price range  :3
   * 1 character is what i'm considerin for each of these request prices, so if yew would like an extra character added on, it'll be 5 Points  extra per person.
   * I will work on your requests as fast as i can, but i pride quality over timing just as a forewarnin.
   * Please pay for your commissions to the Donate button on my page when i reply to your request (preferrably as a note so i know i'll see it).

Pony OC ~ Digital Bases
10-20 Points 
If yew have a specific base yew would like me to use for your character(s), make sure it's a free 1 since i can't afford "Pay 2 Use" ones as well as leavin a link to the base for my convenience.

Pony OC, Hyper Active by Emilz-the-Half-Demon Happy Nightmare Night 2, 2015 by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Sky Shaker Reference Sheet by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

Pony OC ~ Hand Drawn
20 Points 
For the people who can't find a base or would like somethin a little more detailed than digital, i'd recommend by hand. Also make sure to notify me if it's in color or just black & white.
Cinder Quill and Quill Ahva Drawing, Sisters by Emilz-the-Half-Demon Pyre Quill OC Drawing, Meeting Santa on Accident by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Rivette Quill OC Drawing, Formal Princess Portrait by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

My Little Food Pile
10 Points 
Your OC specified literally converted into food, just make sure to specify what kind of food.

PepperMint as Flim and Flam by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  BlueBerry as Jay teh Pony, Comission by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Smoothie as Discord by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

My Craft
10 Points 
Whatever skin yew use for MineCraft doing somethin in MineCraft-styled or just simply posin; these can be hand-drawn or digitally drawn though the digital version hasn't been fully tested out yet.
MC Zemilz GIF, Fishin1 by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Zemilz, waves casandraponyartist by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Drawring MineCraft, Zem's OC and Heart by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

10 Points 
If there's a base yew would like your Trollsona / Persona to be in, please leave a link to the original so I may check it out.
Zaylid Aquini's Selfie by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Zaylid Aquini, Hugs Faygo Bottle, GIF! by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Zaylid Aquini, Sprite Form by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

If yew have any other questions, feel free to comment down below or just message :iconemilz-the-half-demon: :3
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October 30, 2015


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