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Alright everyone! I have mainly 3 different topics to talk about. One for the Bronies, one for the manga/anime style fans, and other for EVERYONE:

1: To all Manga/Anime style fans:
Don't let the news of drawing MLP fool you. I'm still gonna draw tons of anime/manga like drawings. Both digitally and traditionally. I also know how it's gonna be a challenge, but I've decided to not only draw, but even create a story revolving around Naru and Miyuki. Of course it's gonna take a while since these kinds of stories are hard to make, but I assure that I'll be doing my best. On the other hand, if you're not interested in stories, than at least stay for the pics I'll be drawing. Which will include wallpapers and holiday drawings.

2: To all Bronies and Pegasisters:
I know how I haven't drawn a lot of MLP as well as discontinued the Seekers of the Divine Light series by more than a year, but it was cause of how I had a long case of art block when it came to drawing MLP. I didn't know why I lost my enthusiasm for it until recently when I decided that what I really need was a small change of pace. One that'll help cure me of Art Block. Well...That change of pace turned out to be drawing a new style: Traditional. I can't draw MLP or EQG traditionally which is basically why I started drawing Manga instead. Anyhow, my enthusiasm for drawing digitally is back as well as my enthusiasm for drawing MLP/EQG. Therefore, I'll be continuing the seekers of the Divine Light Series as well as stuff like wallpapers and Holiday drawings.

3: To ALL watchers:
I have tons of different drawings that I'm working on at the moment so I can catch up on all the work I promised. Especially when it comes to the Seekers of the Divine Light Comic Series. So keep in mind that I won't be able to take any requests for a while, and that I'll be barely taking a break so I can get this done as soon as possible. I'll actually only be taking a break when my laptop needs to charge and cool down, or when I'm busy doing something with my family. But I assure that I won't disappoint any of ya. So I hope you can all look forward to what I have in store. ;)

Before I end this journal, I'd like to thank :iconrevyrainbow141: :iconnightwolf: :iconberrylilly: :iconlegendoffun: :iconuber-dan: :iconemilz-the-half-demon: :icontrottyhoof: :iconkisaradoesart16: and :iconluckreza8:. All of you helped in curing my art block.
Well...That's everything. Have a nice day everyone! :D
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Announcement: Traditional drawing

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2017, 7:50 PM
For those who haven't read my status post, my laptop's hard drive somehow broke down, and there's no order computer in the house that I can use. Therefore I'll be momentarily switching from Digital to a Traditional drawings.

I'll be specifically drawing pics and comics in Shoujo (Shōjo) manga style. Which will have a whole new array of characters. I'm only a beginner. So I can't say that they'll be perfect, but they're definitely good enough to be shared in public. Here's the first of them that I've submitted:

Miyuki Fujimaki by EmoshyVinyl

Tell me me what you think in the comments of the picture or on this journal.

I'd also like to say that I'm sorry for all those that I've promised to do certain requests. Especially :iconnightwolf37: . It's been months since your last birthday, and I still wasn't able to submit that drawing of your legacy team. I'm sorry man. I'm afraid I couldn't keep my promise in a long shot. v.v

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (Well, more like Merry Christmas Eve. ^^)

Finally the holiday of presents and family gatherings has come! Sadly I may not have been able to finish my own Christmas drawing (Well, maybe I'll be able to submit it in the morning), but I am still able to share with all of you my past drawings of this amazing holiday!

Christmas Pic-Merry Christmas! by EmoshyVinyl

Oh, I can't wait! by EmoshyVinyl

Pointy Comic-What I Always Wanted by EmoshyVinyl

(My very very first and still favorite one):

Christmas Comic-Under the Mistletoe by EmoshyVinyl

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Hello everyone! I like to give a quick announcement and ask you all to look at the group, :iconaskocponies:.
As the new founder, I would like you all to consider joining the group. Keep in mind that despite the name,
you can submit any MLP/EQG pic you want. As long as it has an OC in it.

I'm also the original founder of :iconsilly-fillies:,and still am. So I would also like you to consider joining
this group as well.

Send me a note if you have any questions about either group. Thank you.

Hello! I like to announce that :iconemoshyvinyl:, :iconrevyrainbow141:, and :iconemilz-the-half-demon: will be taking commission for the price of 10 :points: per drawing. The three of us are willing to draw anything, so you are welcome to ask for anything. Just send one of us a note that views the details of your commission. ^^
Hello everyone! Commissions are open for both me and my friend, Emilz. :iconemilz-the-half-demon: We'll be working together, so click this link and read the journal if you want to know the details:


We'll draw ANYTHING for you guys. If you wanna request a commission or have any questions, just send a note to me or Emilz: :iconemilz-the-half-demon:

Pleaes read-Support my Patreon

Journal Entry: Mon May 23, 2016, 6:03 AM
Hello everyone! For those who can, can you please support me on my Patreon? I need the money in order to buy Home Supplies, continue to draw, and most of all...To continue going to College.

Here's the link:…

-Andrew Lopez

Notes ;) or whatever you want in it

Don't know what to do....Art Block? Inspiration?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2016, 12:51 PM
I need some inspiration from all of you so that I know what to do. Besides my DVL Comic series and putting up random pics for holidays. I want to do something else once in a while.

Mind giving me a few ideas? I can say that it could be anything. In fact, they could be saucy. Just not mature.

Send me a note if you have an idea.

Too much of a resemblance

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2016, 7:42 PM
Lately I've been trying to create my own style of doing human/anthro versions of MLP characters. Including OCs. But for some reason, they have a strong and uncanny resemblance to :iconthebrokencog: and :iconaskbubblelee: style.
Therefore I'm just gonna stick to the original EQG style that I've been doing. The only difference is that they'll have NATURAL skin tones.

I'm thinking of taking down these pics before being called a thief/fraud.

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Hello everyone! Before I begin, I'd like to suggest that you check out :iconemilz-the-half-demon: 's artwork. I'm positive that you will all like it! Now here's the info about her open commissions:

Once again, I'm open for commissions if anyone decides to take a look....I'm not sure if it's just because the advertisement for the buttons on my page aren't workin or if they're just not bein seen all too well, but maybe I'll just stick to postin 'em on Journals  :3  if any of yew would like to spread the word, please copy & paste this journal entry into your own, it'd really help me out~! That & I'll admit that i don't have much preference between ponies other than selective Alicorns & I can't do Draconnequi for my life  >////<"

I will say this now so i won't have to type this up for each commission description for the rules:
   * Please specify if yew would like a background or not for your request; it won't change the price range  :3
   * 1 character is what i'm considerin for each of these request prices, so if yew would like an extra character added on, it'll be 5 Points  extra per person.
   * I will work on your requests as fast as i can, but i pride quality over timing just as a forewarnin.
   * Please pay for your commissions to the Donate button on my page when i reply to your request (preferrably as a note so i know i'll see it).

Pony OC ~ Digital Bases
10-20 Points 
If yew have a specific base yew would like me to use for your character(s), make sure it's a free 1 since i can't afford "Pay 2 Use" ones as well as leavin a link to the base for my convenience.

Pony OC, Hyper Active by Emilz-the-Half-Demon Happy Nightmare Night 2, 2015 by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Sky Shaker Reference Sheet by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

Pony OC ~ Hand Drawn
20 Points 
For the people who can't find a base or would like somethin a little more detailed than digital, i'd recommend by hand. Also make sure to notify me if it's in color or just black & white.
Cinder Quill and Quill Ahva Drawing, Sisters by Emilz-the-Half-Demon Pyre Quill OC Drawing, Meeting Santa on Accident by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Rivette Quill OC Drawing, Formal Princess Portrait by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

My Little Food Pile
10 Points 
Your OC specified literally converted into food, just make sure to specify what kind of food.

PepperMint as Flim and Flam by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  BlueBerry as Jay teh Pony, Comission by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Smoothie as Discord by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

My Craft
10 Points 
Whatever skin yew use for MineCraft doing somethin in MineCraft-styled or just simply posin; these can be hand-drawn or digitally drawn though the digital version hasn't been fully tested out yet.
MC Zemilz GIF, Fishin1 by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Zemilz, waves casandraponyartist by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Drawring MineCraft, Zem's OC and Heart by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

10 Points 
If there's a base yew would like your Trollsona / Persona to be in, please leave a link to the original so I may check it out.
Zaylid Aquini's Selfie by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Zaylid Aquini, Hugs Faygo Bottle, GIF! by Emilz-the-Half-Demon  Zaylid Aquini, Sprite Form by Emilz-the-Half-Demon

If yew have any other questions, feel free to comment down below or just message :iconemilz-the-half-demon: :3
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I watched it during the premiere and the they did an amazing job!

Although there were a few flaws, I have to say that the Friendship Games actually rival Rainbow Rocks...In my opinion.

Watch and say what you think if you'd like. Just keep in mind how this video is missing the scene where Twilight builds that device.

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Hello everyone! I would like to say that me and :iconmlp-element: created a group called "Silly-Fillies" about a month ago.
It's a group dedicated to fillies and colts of the MLP fandom.
Obviously there won't be any mature content allowed in this group so none of you will have to worry about that.
Now I would appreciate if all of you will check it out and become watchers or members of the group.
It will be much appreciated! :D

Here's the link: :iconsilly-fillies:

Now I'd like to thank :iconchameleonman55: for creating the avatar for the group as well as being a member.
I'd also like to thank :iconberrylilly:, :iconmaegentron:, :iconmidna5443:, and :iconinfinity3365: for also becoming part of the first 5 members of the group.
And finally :iconlumorn: for helping us and giving advice with setting up the group.
Don't watch unless you like music and want to know the plot line:

Tough luck idiots! XD

Photo Finish is crazy, but I guess that's the whole point of this short. Isn't it?^^

I like Lyra and BonBon, but in this short things did turn to "Weirdsville"

Plus being Arm-in-Arm along with that heart in the ending. Makes me think even more that they're "just friends"

Whoa Rainbow! Are you really that desperate to win?
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I have to say that I love this short for many reasons.
Especially since we found out that Sunset is as adorkable as Twilight...But I do feel sorry for Sunset in this short. XD
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Fanfics and Pics (Update)

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 12, 2015, 6:19 PM
The next part of my comic series, "Seekers of the Divine Light", will actually take a while. It'll take between 2 and 3 weeks, but to show my activity I've decided to create a variety of pics.

All of them will include at least one of my OCs (Not just Alexis) and a few of my friends OCs.
I'm also thinking of creating reference sheets for my OCs and pics of just canon characters. Mainly foals to support a group founded 2 or 3 days ago:

Now I finally found a solution to explain "The Battle of the Eclipse". It won't be through a comic, but a fanfic. It'll have many details of the battle between "The Elements", "The Guardians", Tomir Sena, and the Shadow Realm.

Now I'll introduce you to who's OC's I'll be drawing, cause I believe that their OC's designs are really good and you may like their deviations:

I would bring in more guest OCs, but I think that might mean going overboard for now. ^^;

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Starlight Glimmer's back!? by EmoshyVinyl

I just felt like showing people this screenshot from Amending Fences.
If you look closely at the mane style of the pony in the top left than you'll notice that it's Starlight Glimmer in the background.
How in the world did she escape and make it to Canterlot!? :D